Ambedkar's 124th birth anniversary today

On the 124th birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar on Tuesday, Google India has created a doodle with his caricature.

A noted jurist, economist and social reformer, Dr. Ambedkar campaigned against discrimination of Dalits, caste discrimination, and 'untouchability.'

As the free India's first Law Minister and Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee, Dr. Ambedkar drafted the nation's constitution.

He was posthumously conferred with the Bharat Ratna in 1990.

Political parties have planned year-long celebrations to mark his 125th birth anniversary year beginning today.

Children wearing mask of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar during birth anniversary function at Parliament lawns in New Delhi on Tuesday. Photo: Sandeep Saxena

Dr B.R. Ambedkar, an eminent jurist and politician, was one of the prime architects of the Indian Constitution. He fought to secure constitutional guarantees for socially backward classes and eradicate untouchability, caste restrictions. He was Independent India's first Law Minister and was awarded the Bharat Ratna in 1990.

Ambedkar on major constitutional provisions

  • Uplift of backward classes [Articles 15(4), 16(4), Schedule V, VI]:

    " Nothing can prevent the State from making any special provision for the advancement of any socially and educationally backward classes of citizens... "
  • Abolishing untouchability [Article 17]:

    "If I fail to do away with abominable thraldom and human injustice, I will put an end to my life with a bullet"
  • Special status for J&K (Article 370):

    Ambedkar's opposition to Article 370, which sought to confer special powers to the State of Jammu and Kashmir:

    "You wish India should protect your borders, she should build roads in your area, she should supply you food grains, and Kashmir should get equal status as India. But Government of India should have only limited powers and Indian people should have no rights in Kashmir. To give consent to this proposal, would be a treacherous thing against the interests of India and I, as the Law Minister of India, will never do it."
    ~ Ambedkar (to Sheikh Abdullah in 1949)
  • Hindu Code Bill [women's property rights]:

    "[One fundamental change this Hindu Code bill seeks to make is universalising] the law of inheritance..."

    "A woman who has a right to inherit gets it by reason of the fact that she is declared to be an heir irrespective of any other consideration..."

    "I care more for the Code than for my election."

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