Watch | Google ends its free WiFi service at Indian railway stations

Google is ending its free WiFi service at several Indian stations and around the globe. The service called 'Station' was started way back in 2015. It was first launched at Mumbai Central railway station. Currently, there are more than 400 railway stations equipped with this facility called RailWire.

It is provided by RailTel which is partnered with Google. RailTel is the telecom wing of the Indian railways. It registered 2.6 crore user logins in a month and over 9,491 TB of aggregated data consumption. Google said the availability of better data plans has made it cheaper for users to go online.

“The challenge of varying technical requirements and infrastructure among our partners across countries has also made it difficult for Station to scale and be sustainable, especially for our partners,” says Caesar Sengupta.

Users will still be able to access the WiFi service via RailTel. Google will be working closely with RailTel and other partners to transition existing sites.

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