Chidambaram welcomes Section 66 A ruling, says it was misused

Former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram.   | Photo Credit: M_PRABHU

Former Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on Tuesday welcomed the judgement of the Supreme Court holding that Section 66 A of the Information and Technology Act is unconstitutional.

In a statement, Mr. >Chidambaram said: “The Section was poorly drafted and was vulnerable. It was capable of being misused and, in fact, it was misused.”

The response came hours after the Supreme Court struck down Section 66 A of the Information and Technology Act, which allows police to arrest people on the basis of what they post on the internet.

“There could be a case of misuse of the freedom of speech. In such cases, the ordinary laws should apply and the offender should be dealt with under those laws…. If some provisions of the law have to be strengthened, that could be considered.…But Section 66A was not the answer,” Mr. Chidambaram said.

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