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Very few registrations in Kurnool baffle officials

Three months ago those who waited with a bated breath for the then perceived life-saving vaccine for COVID-19 to arrive so that they could take a jab and stir out of the house without any restrictions, are in no mood to come to the numerous vaccination centres opened in Kurnool and Anantapur districts.

While 59 vaccination centres have been opened in Kurnool district in the private ‘Arogyasri network’ hospitals in addition to the 67 government health care facilities where vaccination had taken place in the first phase, those above 60 years of age and people with comorbidities above the age of 45 showed very little interest in either registering online on the COWIN or coming directly to the centre. The response has been only a trickle with just a couple of hundred people turning up against an expectation of people coming in thousands.

"Complacency among the people in the targeted age group is very surprising in Andhra Pradesh compared to the high demand in the north Indian States," says Kurnool District Medical and Health Officer Rama Giddhaih. The vaccination among healthcare workers was 70% (27,000 target), among police personnel 60% and in the frontline workers’ category 40% for the first dose.

Software glitch

Anantapur district showed a little better response among senior citizens and people with comorbidities category. Out of the 46 hospitals, seven network private hospitals and the remaining government facilities have been receiving close to 1,000 registrations per day. On the first two days it was tardy due to the non-functioning of the COWIN website and people not having the right information, says Anantapur District Medical and Health Officer Y. Kameswar Prasad. Among the healthcare workers, 70% had taken the jab (target of 29,000), while frontline workers and the police personnel had just begun taking the shot in the first week.

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