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Online money transaction failure irks HDFC customers

Day-long disruptions in online money transfers was a cause of concern for HDFC Bank customers. The bank officials, however, brush them off and say that technical glitches and poor internet connectivity could be the reason.

According to a customer of the bank in the city , the site is shooting an error message when he tried to complete the online IMPS transfer to another bank. But it is interesting to note that the transfers to HDFC Bank from other banks are normal. “We regret to inform you that we could not complete your transaction. Please contact your nearest HDFC Bank branch, or our PhoneBanking service,” was the transfer failure message from the bank, according to the customer who faced the problem.

“We attempted the transfer four times in the morning at regular intervals starting at 10.30 but they failed and shot the same message. We also tried in the evening by about 5.30 and it too failed and received the failure message. Bank officials say it’s a common problem but for us not being able to do an important transfer on a particular day is a major issue. It’s all the more important now given the lockdown and other related hassles,” added the customer.

The official concerned at the HDFC Bank branch in Vijayawada, after checking the failure of the transfer and subsequent message, said there were some server issues reported of late due to which such problems arise. “We have these issues and are escalating them to our technical teams. But there was nothing to panic about it as server issues are common,” he said on condition of anonymity.

Responding to the issue, an official spokesperson of the bank from Mumbai stated, “There have been no major disruptions on Wednesday. At best there have been isolated cases caused by connectivity issues.”

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