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Coronavirus | Schoolchildren in A.P. to be given homoeo medicine under ‘Project Amrut’

Ayush Department Commissioner V. Ramulu administering the COVID-19 preventive homoeo medicine to a student, at the ZP Girls High School in Vijayawada on Thursday. | Photo Credit: V. RAJU
Staff Reporter VIJAYAWADA 02 December 2021 23:57 IST
Updated: 03 December 2021 00:09 IST

‘The medicine prescribed by Ayush Ministry has been very effective’

The preventive homoeo medicine, ‘Arsenicum Album 30 C’, prescribed by the Ayush Ministry has been effective in tackling the COVID-19 infection, according to V. Ramulu, Commissioner, State Ayush Department.

Mr. Ramulu was speaking after inaugurating ‘Project Amrut’ at KSR ZP Girls High School here.

Under the programme being supported by Vidhu Foundation, an NGO, the medicine would be distributed to the students and teachers in the government educational institutions in the State.


“The medicine is the result of a lot of research work carried out by the Ayush Ministry. It has been proved that COVID-19 can be prevented by taking the medicine, and that all the State governments have been distributing it. In Andhra Pradesh, it is available at all Ayush dispensaries. With the help of the NGOs such as Vidhu Foundation, we are distributing it among people,” Mr. Ramulu said.

“Distribution of the medicine in certain mandals has already been done. As per reports, the incidence of COVID-19 is lesser in those mandals,” he said.

“There is no need to hesitate to take the medicine. Under Project Amrut, students are prioritised as they do not have a vaccine yet,” he added.

Project Amrut chairman and former homoeo college principal U.S.V. Prasad said Vidhu Foundation funded by retired employees and NRIs had been distributing the medicine free of cost in several States.

The medicine was distributed to all the students in the residential welfare institutions in Andhra Pradesh, and we were now distributing it in regular schools.

District Education Officer Tahera Sultana and others were present.

The medicine has to be taken on empty stomach early in the morning for three days once in every 21 days.