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Cash-strapped Discoms seek nod for tariff hike in Andhra Pradesh

The Southern and Eastern Power Distribution Companies of Andhra Pradesh (Discoms) have submitted a combined Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) of approximately ₹44,840 crore (SPDCL- ₹28,548 crore and EPDCL- ₹16,292 crore) for FY 2020-21 to the A.P. Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) on Wednesday.

Both the Discoms have not proposed an increase in tariffs for domestic consumers up to 500 units, above which there is a minor increase of 90 paise per unit.

The EPDCL has pegged the total revenue and revenue deficit, both at current tariffs, at ₹12,152 crore and ₹4,140 crore respectively. The revenue impact due to proposed tariffs is ₹514 crore, which brings down it (EPDCL)’s revenue deficit to ₹3,625 crore.

EPDCL proposed a 4.14% increase in tariffs in energy charges which will be applicable to 68,000 (LT-II and HT-II function halls, HT-II commercial, LT-IV institutional local bodies and religious places and HT-IV Comprehensive Protected Water Supply (CPWS) & Protected Water Supply (PWS) schemes and railway traction, LT-V corporate farmers and hatcheries and feed mixing plants and HT-V feed mixing plants and lift irrigation schemes) out of total 60.75 lakh consumers.

There will be no increase for 60.07 lakh consumers in the LT-I to LT-V, HT-III (industries), HT-IV (aquaculture) and LT and HT-IV C (religious places) categories.

The SPDCL’s projected total revenue at current tariffs, including non-tariff income and cross subsidy surcharge, stands at ₹18,248 crore and the revenue deficit at ₹10,302 crore.

The projected total revenue at proposed tariffs, including non-tariff income and cross subsidy surcharge, is ₹19,106 crore.

The revenue deficit at proposed tariffs is estimated to be ₹9,442 crore.

The SPDCL has mooted an increase of ₹0.70 per unit for townships and colonies (gated communities, villas and bungalows). SPDCL has further imposed the condition that if the monthly consumption of energy-intensive industries falls below 85% load utilisation factor during any billing month, the consumer will be billed in the HT-III-A industry general category.

New category

The energy charges for the CPWS and PWS schemes in SPDCL is proposed to be increased from ₹4.85 to ₹7 per unit.

SPDCL proposed a new category with government offices, government educational institutions and government hospitals and charitable institutions with uniform energy charges of ₹7 per unit and fixed charges of ₹30 per month against the existing tariffs of ₹7.65, ₹6.95 and ₹6.70 per unit for 11KV, 33KV and 132KV consumers and fixed charges of ₹475 per month.

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