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AP Chambers forms executive committee for 2021-23

P. Bhaskara Rao. File. | Photo Credit:
Staff Reporter Vijayawada 19 September 2021 09:41 IST
Updated: 19 September 2021 09:41 IST

The committee has P. Bhaskara Rao as the president- elect

The Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry Federation constituted its new executive committee for 2021-23 in its annual general meeting held here on Saturday.

The committee has P. Bhaskara Rao as the president- elect, Pydah Krishna Prasad president, K.V.S. Prakash Rao past-president, Rajasekhar general secretary, Kallam Mohan Reddy vice-president (central zone), M. Sudheer vice-president (Visakhapatnam), K.V. Chowdary vice-president (Rayalaseema), Akkaiah Naidu treasurer, Ch. Siddharth joint secretary and P. Koti Rao, K. Kumar Varma, K.V.S. Varma and P. Sobhan Prakash members.

L. Raghurami Reddy and Ravi Gopala Krishna have been appointed central zone chairman and vice-chairman, Vijaya Kumar Reddy and Ranga Reddy chairman and vice-chairman of Rayalaseema zone and K.R.B. Prakash and Ch. Srinath chairman and vice-chairman of Visakhapatnam zone.