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Absurd and underdeveloped plot

Nischal Deva and Vandana Gupta in Tulasi Dalam

Nischal Deva and Vandana Gupta in Tulasi Dalam

Director and actor R.P. Patnaik embarked on this project two years ago, and references to Mumait Khan, the once-upon-a-time item dancer in the beginning of the story, confirms our fears that the story is outdated. Usually in a horror story, we find a group of youngsters being chased by a ghost; here all the men look thirty plus. But what about the story?

The title evokes curiosity, but those who have a fair knowledge of the director’s credentials will dare not watch this latest project – he has certainly lost his mojo. Though the movie has been made in America, the cinematography strips it of its sharpness and quality.

This is an absurd and an underdeveloped plot that doesn't conform to logic.

Satvik (Nischal Deva) doesn’t believe in ghosts but is haunted by one. He visits a clairvoyant Dr Tilak, who tells him the ghost is not after him but his girlfriend, Nisha (Vandana Gupta).

Every time the ghost gets ready to scare Nisha, our doctor appears in a jiffy and saves her.

For instance, Satvik and Nisha are driving and Satvik is out of the car for some reason, the door gets locked automatically. The moment Nisha screams for help, Dr. Tilak lands and the moment he places his hand on the car, the ghost makes a hole on the windscreen and flies out. The reason why Nisha is the target is the story.

The ghost giving an audience to all and requesting the couple to adopt the child is hilarious. Some dialogues are repeated, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is no gem of a dialogue, but wonder why they used it again. All characters are loud, the director-cum-actor offers nothing extraordinary.

A weak script and poor story telling makes Tulasi Dalam a huge letdown. As for Yandarmoori Veerendranath is concerned, he finds place on a book jacket that lies on a table unattended.

Y.Sunita Chowdhary

Tulasi Dalam

Cast: Nischal Deva, Vandana Gupta

Direction: RP Patnaik

Genre: Horror

Music: RP Patnaik

Plot: Ghost wants a guardian for her child

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