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Foetus treated for defect in heart

When a regular ultrasound scan revealed that 25-year-old Sirisha’s unborn baby had a defect in its heart, her world came crashing down. However, weeks later, in what doctors from Care Hospital claim to be a rare procedure, a surgery was held on the foetus.

“Foetal procedure is a latest technique used in treating birth defects in foetuses. And in Sirisha’s case, it was done in her 27 week of pregnancy,” said chief paediatric cardiologist at the hospital K. Nageshwar Rao told reporters on Thursday. Dr. Rao also said a failed attempt had been made a week ago.

Paediatric cardiologist Sai Leela said the aortic valve in Sirisha’s unborn child was blocked, due to which there was no pumping of blood in the baby’s left ventricle.

“After waiting for a good foetal position, Sirisha and the foetus were given general anaesthesia. A needle was inserted into her abdomen, which then advanced to uterus, baby’s chest and finally reached left ventricle,” she explained.

A wire and a tiny balloon were then used to expand the blocked aortic valve to relieve the block. Just two days after the surgery, Sirisha, a resident of Injapur village, Ranga Reddy district, was discharged and later re-admitted for reassessment.

“Post surgery scans have shown partial relief to the obstruction,” Dr. Rao said.

“I was in a lot of trauma after I learnt about the problem and also after the first failed attempt. However, doctors reassured me that things would be fine,” said a smiling Sirisha, who is a science teacher in a private school. In her 29 week of pregnancy now, her child is expected to be born in the 37 week. The cost of the procedure can go up to Rs.2 lakh, but in Sirisha’s case, Care Foundation decided to chip in.

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