AIMPLB slams govt over Yoga

Muslims perform yoga during the International Yoga Day in Ahmedabad on Sunday.   | Photo Credit: Ajit Solanki

In a scathing attack on the National Democratic Alliance government, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has accused it of violating the Constitution of secular India and implementing the RSS agenda by introducing practices such as Yoga and ‘Surya namaskar’.

Reaching out directly to Muslim organisations and Imams, the apex body representing Muslims in the country, also said the community should remain “cautious” as there are organisations that are “attacking” Islamic beliefs.

The AIMPLB slammed the government’s move to push for yoga, saying it’s a violation of the secular Constitution, which does not allow the promotion of religious activities by the government.

“In the present scenario, the government and under its garb several organisations and individuals are today violating the Constitution,” said Maulana Wali Rehmani, the working general secretary of the AIMPLB, in a letter.

In the letter sent to various Muslim bodies and individuals, Mr. Rahmani alleged that the celebration of the Yoga Day and introduction of Surya namaskar and Vande Matram in the schools were aimed at implementing the RSS agenda.

He accused the government of diverting peoples’ attention from the real issues like price rise through such acts. He appealed to the people, institutions and the imams of mosques to raise the awareness about it.

Referring to Chapter 6 of the Gita, Rahmani said yoga and ‘Surya namaskar’ are Hindu religious practices and these are “against the ideology of Muslims”.

“Muslims should remain cautious as there are organisations that are attacking Islamic beliefs..,” the veteran cleric said in his two-page letter.

He asked clerics to discuss these issues during Friday sermons, and prepare the Muslim community for a movement.

The letter said that at its working committee meeting in Lucknow on June 7, AIMPLB had passed a resolution against yoga, saying it was un-Islamic.

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