RSS chief backs gau rakshaks, lauds Army

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat speaks at a Dussehra rally in Nagpur on Tuesday. The RSS has changed its uniform to khaki full pants. Photo: S Sudarshan  

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday lauded the Army for carrying out surgical strikes across the LoC, saying it has enhanced India’s prestige in the world and given a message to trouble-makers that there is a limit to the country's patience.

The ongoing unrest in Kashmir, tension on the border and the issue of cow protection, which has brought the BJP much flak, was the focus of the annual Dussehra address of the RSS chief, who vowed to root out social discrimination.

As it happened:

10.05 am: The RSS chief quotes Guru Gobind Singh and concludes his speech.

10.03 am: Justice should prevail in the society. We became swayamsevaks, not to be an audience, but to bring justice to the people.

10.00 am: The Sangh's swayamsevaks become a part in working towards people's welfare.

9.55 am: It is India's duty to live among all the developments, and keep the culture alive.

9.50 am: The society is filled with diversity. But India's culture is such that, there should be unity in diversity.

9.43 am: Major changes are needed in the education sector.

9.37 am: Mr. Bhagwat asks political parties not to cross limits while playing politics. "Make sure people are not pitted against each other. Media also has a role to play. Media should be careful not to create divisions in the society."

9.33 am: Our border forces should be prepared and well coordinated. Central government needs to take care of border and internal security, and state governments should support them.

9.32 am: Regarding the nuisance in J&K from across the border, I congratulate the Army for the operations under the leadership of government. I congratulate the government for its diplomatic offensive. We need more such efforts. Even one moment of lax on the border could cost us heavily.

9.31 am: The RSS chief issues instructions to BJP state governments, asks them to create an atmosphere of hope.

9.30 am: "State and central governments should have coordination. Where goes the money on development works? The citizens feel they don't receive anything from the government. Ensure transparent administration," says Mr. Bhagwat in presence of the Maharashtra CM.

9.27 am: On Jammu & Kashmir issue, the RSS chief praises government statement on J&K and Baluchistan. But adds that, "Statements should also reflect in action."

9.26 am: There is an attempt to mislead by some forces. RSS chief defends Gau rakshaks. "Just identify real Gau rakshaks from the fake ones."

9.25 am: The Gau raksha laws were not made by this regime. Gau rakshaks have to launch agitation at times to save cows. The administration should be careful as to see who are the law breakers and who create nuisance.

9.23 am: Many communities like Jains are involved in Gau raksha. Gau rakshaks are good people. But they should work under the law and Constitution.

9.21 am: Mr. Bhagwat speaks on Gau raksha and hints at the campaign against it.

9.20 am: The RSS chief criticises opposition parties who oppose only for the sake of opposing.

9.19 am: Attempts are made to blow small incidents out of proportion.

9.18 am: This kind of a regime was needed to take on those headliner forces in the world who don't want to see India progress.

9.15 am: India is developing. One day our country will make its mark. India's development is in the hands of its citizens. Mr. Bhagwat warns against divisions in society.

9.12 am: RSS Chief lauds Modi government. He says that this regime has created hopes among the population.

9.00 am: Mohan Bhagwat begins his speech.

8.58 am: Singer Anuradha Poudwal is also present at the venue.

8.44 am: Chief Guest Satyprakash Ray addresses the crowd.

8.40 am: Surgical strikes across LoC is Likely to be the main talking point today.

The RSS always supported aggressive approach towards China and Pakistan. It will be interesting to know Mohan Bhagwat's views on Modi government.

8.37 am: With the presence of Union Minister and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, policemen stand in front of the stage.

8.30 am: The Chief Guest of the event this year, is former IES officer, Satyprakash Ray.

8.22 am: The Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh recently changed their uniforms from khaki shorts to brown trousers. The customary drill by the workers was kicked off in the morning.

The RSS has till now been recognised by the trademark shorts, with opponents often coining derisive slogans on them. Even books on the RSS — like the famous Khaki Shorts and Saffron Flags — have sometimes based their titles on the khaki shorts. >Read more

Some of the swayamsevak in the venue felt that the old uniforms were better than the current ones.

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