Muslim youths allege they were asked to ‘go to Pak.’

Two Muslim youths have alleged that they were asked to “go to Pakistan” when they requested faster service at a prominent dhaba in Delhi’s Connaught Place on Saturday afternoon.

The alleged remark resulted in a scuffle between the two youths and the dhaba staff. The two parties, however, reached a “compromise” after police intervention.

The dhaba manager, meanwhile, accused the two youths of creating a ruckus at the eatery and getting out of the mess by using the hostile situation between India and Pakistan to further their argument. Identified as Salman and Harris, the two are residents of Old Delhi and work for a pharmaceutical company.

They were in Connaught Place on Saturday to attend a meeting. The duo visited the dhaba around 3 p.m. to have lunch when the incident occurred.

“When I requested quick service after placing my order, one staff member, Saroj Das, told me to go to Pakistan if I was in such a hurry,” Harris said.

He alleged that his skull cap and beard caused Das to pass the alleged remark. “I have visited the dhaba in the past. On one previous occasion, too, the staff member had passed a similar remark, but I had ignored it then,” he claimed.

‘False allegation’

However, the dhaba manager had a different tale to narrate. He alleged that one of the two complainants entered into a scuffle with the dhaba staff member without any provocation. “He is an old customer and has resorted to violent behaviour even in the past,” he alleged.

“Since India-Pakistan rivalry is a hot topic, he has tried to turn the tables on us by making the false allegations. Over 20 per cent of our customers are Muslims. We are here to do business and have never disrespected the community,” said the manager.

The police, meanwhile, claimed that they had responded in time to a PCR call about a “minor argument” between two groups.

“The two parties resolved the issue between them and no formal complaint was received from either of them. We have not received any complaint about the Pakistan remark either,” said Jatin Narwal, DCP (New Delhi).

‘Staffer apologised’

Harris has alleged that he was made to write a letter saying the matter had been resolved. “The police instructed me not to mention the Pakistan issue. The dhaba staffer has apologised and we have compromised,” he said.

The DCP, however, rubbished the allegation saying no attempt was made by the police to bury any part of the incident.

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