‘Made in China’ tag haunts foreign medical graduates

In Kerala, the number of those going to China or Russia for medical studies has been going up over the years.

But even those foreign medical graduates (FMG) who pass the screening test of NBE and enter the State heath system or the private sector pool have to put up with the “Made in China/Russia” label, which is derogatory and discriminating, says Shani Anil, a nephrologist who got her MBBS degree from China.

“NBE’s FMGE is tough and I could clear it only in my second attempt. Once we pass the qualifying exam, there should be no doubt about our proficiency but in India we are always looked at with derision, even by our own fraternity,” she says.

The Director of Health Services and a member of the State Medical Council, R. Ramesh, says the State Health Service takes in a good number of FMGs from China and Russia, who have the MCI registration.