Morning digest: NASA's Perseverance rover makes historic Mars landing; raising issues of Kashmir and status of minorities ‘deplorable’, India tells U.N., and more

In this illustration provided by NASA, the Perseverance rover fires up its descent stage engines as it nears the Martian surface. This phase of its entry, descent and landing sequence, or EDL, is known as "powered descent."   | Photo Credit: AP

NASA’s Perseverance rover makes historic Mars landing

The spacecraft's self-guided descent and landing during a complex series of maneuvers that NASA dubbed "the seven minutes of terror" stands as the most elaborate and challenging feat in the annals of robotic spaceflight. The primary aim is to search for possible fossilized signs of microbes that may have flourished on Mars some 3 billion years ago, when the planet was warmer, wetter and potentially hospitable to life.

Raising issues of Kashmir and status of minorities ‘deplorable’, India tells U.N.

The strong response from the spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs, Anurag Srivastava, came soon after the experts connected the Indian policy on Kashmir with the status of religious minorities in India and said they could face discrimination in “employment and land ownership”.

‘Rail roko’ by farmers passes off peacefully

Protesting farmers sat on railway tracks at hundreds of locations, and stopped some trains during a four-hour ‘rail roko’ agitation on Thursday. The Railways said there was a “negligible” impact on the running of trains across the country.

Unnao Dalit girls death | Post-mortem could not ascertain cause of death of two girls, says U.P. DGP

On the condition of the third girl, he said she had been referred to a Kanpur hospital for better treatment. “According to the medical bulletin, it is a suspected case of poisoning and her condition is critical but stable.” Six teams have been formed to investigate the case from “all possible angles”.

Puducherry Lt. Governor asks CM Narayansamy to prove majority in the Assembly on February 22

The voting of agenda will be done by show of hands. The entire proceedings should be completed by 5 p. m. The proceedings will be video graphed and it should not be adjourned, delayed or suspended, a release issued by Raj Nivas said.

WhatsApp to reach out to users via 'status' and banners on proposed privacy policy update

WhatsApp, which faced a severe backlash over the latest update to its privacy policy, will now leverage its own platform to reach out to users directly via the “status” feature, while also putting up banners on the application, to share detailed information on the proposed policy updates.

Survey to address data gap on migrant workers

The lack of data on workers, which was evident during the COVID-19-induced lockdown in 2020, would be addressed by the five all-India labour surveys being conducted by the Labour Bureau, Labour and Employment Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar said.

Analysis | A megaphone for Trumpism that preceded Trump’s rise

Even before Donald Trump became known for it, Limbaugh used racist dog whistles, controversial language and misogyny to build his image as a standard bearer for “anti-establishment” conservatism, which provided him a significant heft and an outsized influence within the Republican Party itself.

Democrats set to unveil Biden’s immigration Bill

U.S. President Joe Biden’s immigration Bill, which aims to create a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants, will be unveiled on Thursday to begin its legislative process, senior White House officials said.

IPL Auction 2021 | Lesser-known players who struck big bids

While Chris Morris, who bagged a ₹16.25 crore contract with Punjab Kings at the 2021 mini auction in Chennai on Thursday, is a familiar name in international cricket, a few relatively less experienced players internationally, struck big. A look at some of them.


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