NC lashes out at Maoists on peace process

At a mass rally organised in the capital on Friday, Nepali Congress (NC) demanded ‘irreversible' progress in the peace process and the government's resignation as pre-conditions for extension of the Constituent Assembly. The CA's term ends on May 28. The government has already tabled a proposal to extend the CA by a year.

NC president Sushil Koirala said his party was committed to ‘peace, democracy and a democratic constitution'. Warning the Maoists, Mr. Koirala said, “If Maoists are not responsible now and do not accept democracy and implement commitments in the peace accords, their end is definite.”

The NC has laid out 10 conditions for extension of the CA. These include an agreement on integration of Maoist combatants into existing security organs; entry on an individual basis according to standard norms of the concerned security agency; and integration of maximum of 4000 combatants.

The NC has also demanded that Maoist combatants be regrouped into those wanting integration and opting for rehabilitation immediately; combatants be brought under the effective control of the Special Committee; and that the Maoists give up the weapons stored in containers to the government. NC has also asked the Maoists to agree on principles of a democratic constitution, and the resignation of the Jhalanath Khanal-led government to make way for a national unity government. The party has asked the Maoists to comply with all conditions by May 24.

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