India expanding nuclear arsenal: U.S.

A senior U.S. administration official this week clubbed India along with Pakistan, North Korea and Iran in a reference to nations that were expanding their nuclear weapons capabilities amidst global proliferation concerns.

Speaking at a conference in Oslo, Norway, Frank Rose, Assistant Secretary of State at the Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, said a few days ago, “… India and Pakistan are adding to their arsenals; North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes remain a concern to all; and Iran, despite the landmark nuclear deal, continues its ballistic missile programs.”

Mr. Rose said that given these nations’ nuclear ambitions, along with the fact that Russia and China were modernising their nuclear forces, it would take more than simply banning nuclear weapons to prevent their proliferation and “effectively deter multiple adversaries with varying capabilities.”

As it stands the agreement for declared nuclear powers to supply India with uranium fuel and reactor capabilities has ground to a halt pending talks between U.S. nuclear corporations and the Indian government, negotiations that have foundered on at least two clauses of India’s nuclear liability law.

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