1. India-Pakistan ties and the mirror of 2019:There are sound reasons why New Delhi must shift course from the belligerence it once profited from, writes Sushant Singh.
  2. Doses of statecraft to meet India’s challenges:It is clear that grand strategy, grand simplifications and higher measures of security are not the answers, writes MK Narayanan.
  3. China’s growing footprint in the Pacific Islands:Why is China interested in the Pacific Island countries? What does China’s inroads into the Pacific portend for regional geopolitics?, explains Anand V. In Text and Context.
  4. The cartel and its allies that keep oil on the boil:As energy prices rise amid crippling sanctions against Russia, OPEC and its partners are under pressure to stabilise the market, Prashanth Perumal writes in The Hindu Profiles.
  5. The Rajapaksa sheen fades in stronghold Hambantota:Faced with shortages and power cuts, citizens have taken to the streets, primarily targeting the Rajapaksa clan, Meera Srinivasan reports from Hambantota.