American blogger Logan Paul apologises for YouTube video

Logan Paul

Logan Paul  


It showed a body hanging in a ‘suicide spot’ near Mount Fuji

American blogger Logan Paul apologised on Tuesday after getting slammed for a video he shared on YouTube that appeared to show a body hanging in a Japanese forest known as a suicide spot.

Mr. Paul, who has millions of Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers, posted an apology on his Twitter site, saying, “Where do I begin. Let’s start with this. I’m sorry.” Critics said what was offensive was Mr. Paul’s giggling and joking about the body.

The video, posted on Sunday, shows Mr. Paul going on a trek with friends in the Aokigahara forest, near Mount Fuji. He seems aware that the site is sometimes chosen for suicides, but is surprised to come across what appears to be a body hanging from a tree. “I thought I could make a positive ripple on the Internet, not cause a monsoon of negativity,” he tweeted.

High suicide rate

Japan has a relatively high rate of suicides, with more than 21,000 a year, according to government data. Its per capita suicide rate is among the highest in the world.

Many blame the high suicide rate on the value placed on conformity, excelling and hard work in the country.

The Mount Fuji forest has been known for suicides for decades because people can easily get lost there, and know they won’t be found for a long time.

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