Tomato prices touch Rs. 80

Ddelayed rains are taking a toll on tomato supply, with prices doubling in a month

Ddelayed rains are taking a toll on tomato supply, with prices doubling in a month  

Sixty-year-old Parvati Gomare found that there were no tomatoes in her refrigerator on Wednesday morning. She made her way to the Khar market but returned without them. She was not ready to pay Rs. 80 per kg for something she paid Rs. 40 until the last month.

The delayed rains are taking a toll on the kitchen staple with prices doubling in a month. Until last month, the wholesale rate for tomatoes was Rs. 20-Rs. 22. Last week, it was about Rs. 36-Rs. 40. Now the rates have shot up to Rs. 44-Rs. 48. In retail markets, the price ranges between Rs. 60 and Rs. 80.

“Onions are expensive anyway but I was shocked to see the tomato prices. The cheaper ones did not look fresh enough so I did not buy any. I will wait for the prices to go down before I buy them. Vegetables are getting too expensive, especially if you are a family of five,” said the retired homemaker.

Vendors at the market said she was not the first person to turn away without buying tomatoes. “From the beginning of the month, tomato prices have been increasing gradually. In the last three days they have hit the roof. Many people enquire about tomatoes but return with only potatoes, cabbage and other such vegetables,” said a vendor. He sells tomatoes for Rs. 60, 70 and 80 per kg. “The rates depend on freshness, size and quality,” he said.

The Agricultural Produce Market Committee at Navi Mumbai, which receives vegetables and fruits before they make the commute to Mumbai’s markets, has seen less vehicles carrying tomatoes. On an average, 65-70 vehicles with tomatoes arrive from Narayangaon in Pune and villages in Bangalore. However, this month, the number has fallen to 45-48 vehicles.

“Each vehicle carries 10 tonnes of tomatoes. The fewer number of vehicles just shows how low the supply is against the demand,” said Shankar Pingle, a tomato trader and office-bearer of the APMC.

“The delayed monsoon has resulted in this condition. We are hoping that the rates fall by the end of this month,” he added.

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