Man kills brother over going out for groceries

Eerie silence: Gaondevi Road at Kandivali looks deserted after a man murdered his brother.  

A 28-year-old resident of Kandivali ended up killing his younger brother in an argument that erupted when the former stepped out of the house to buy groceries on Wednesday. Psychologists said the incident was a classic example of extreme reactions in the post-impact phase of any disaster, like the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The incident occurred at Pashupatinath Dubey Chawl in Poisar around 10 a.m.. The accused, Rajesh Thakur (28), stays with his wife in the chawl and his brother Durgesh (21), who works in Pune, had come to stay with them two days ago.

“On Wednesday morning, Durgesh woke up to find Rajesh and his wife missing and got anxious. When they returned home, he started shouting at them, asking them what was the need to step out despite knowing how serious the virus crisis was. Mr. Thakur tried reasoning with him that he had only gone to buy groceries that were essential, but Durgesh refused to see his point,” an officer at Samata Nagar police station said.

The argument intensified as neither brother was willing to back down, and soon turned violent, with Durgesh trying to attack his elder brother out of frustration. In retaliation, Mr. Thakur allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and ended up slashing at Durgesh several times, killing him.

Neighbours, who had come out of their houses on hearing the argument and witnessed the murder, informed the police. Durgesh was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was declared dead before admission.

“Mr. Thakur, who was taken into custody from his house, was arrested and charged with murder under the Indian Penal Code,” senior police inspector Raju Kasbe, Samata Nagar police station, said.

Post-impact phase

Psychologist Dr. Harish Shetty said what people were facing currently was the immediate post-impact phase of a disaster, on par with a riot or flood.

“In a riot, the enemy is a human being. In a flood, the enemy is nature. In this case, the enemy is unknown. A lot of irritability and anger, born out of love and anxiety, can come to the fore in the next few days. Especially the deprived and the marginalised are anxious about their very survival. It is critical to handle mental health sensitively and be as calm and composed as possible,” Dr. Shetty said.

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