In cahoots with cats

Mumbai: Snowflake is an unusually kind cat. His owner Madonna Jensen discovered her pet’s magnanimous behaviour after a tiny tortoiseshell cat was found stealing Snowflake’s food and bed. The stray kitten had been sneaking into Jensen’s home for a while without anyone but Snowflake noticing. Eventually named Kunoichi — a female ninja in Japanese — she was adopted with Mihir Bhatt’s help. “Madonna is already owned by Snowflake, so she couldn’t adopt Kunoichi herself,” says the 28-year-old Bhatt behind ‘Puss in Cahoots’, a Facebook page dedicated to sharing adoption appeals and the lives of Mumbai’s stray cats. Kunoichi’s adoption appeal was pushed out on social media and fortunately, she was adopted swiftly. Now Kunoichi is living it up with her feline brother, Baljot. “Honestly, you cannot really pinpoint what gets a cat adopted,” says Bhatt. “It can be the picture/video, backstory, the viral post, etc. Sometimes it takes just a few days and sometimes even months.”

Bhatt, who describes himself as an artist and marketing professional, can’t foster animals himself: he’s got two possessive cats, Loki and Winter. So he does his best to spread the word about those in need. “People who are struggling to get cats adopted reach out to me,” he says modestly. “I’ve been doing my bit for the past four years.” Bhatt always tries to help however he can, whether it’s with videos or social media posts. Recently, he helped get mature cats Tofu and Miso get adopted thanks to a viral heart-warming video. “There’s now a decent fanbase for [Puss in Cahoots],” he says.

Like all animal lovers, Bhatt wishes more could be done to protect animals from cruelty “When you see [harassment] cases up close, it becomes natural to hate people who aren’t kind to animals and even lose your faith in humanity,” he says, hoping at least more people will step up to foster if not adopt.

Kunoichi is just one lucky cat, but there are many of her stray brothers and sisters out there who all deserve a safe environment. Adopt a stray today!

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