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Fixing Mumbai

A weekly feature on what's wrong with Mumbai and how to fix it.

The new year is still somewhat fresh; the hope with which we look ahead to fresh starts has not been more than mildly bruised. A good time, we thought, to take a look at the many problems that get in this city’s — and its citizens’ — way. In keeping with that optimistic spirit, we decided that we needed to not just point at shortcomings but find ways to make things better. To do this, we turned to some of the best minds in Mumbai, unquestioned authorities in their fields and, as important, people with a deep connection to the city and an affection for it, and asked them one question: looking through the lens of your domain expertise, what’s wrong with Mumbai, and how would you fix it?

Over the coming weeks, we will carry those answers in the Sunday pages of the newspaper. They will over a wide range of topics, as befits a huge and complex city, and feature the thoughts of people we all know and respect (or should). We hope that this series will encourage introspection and debate, with you, our Mumbai readers, with other experts, with the people who have the power and the means to effect change.

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