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Sunny Leone plays her cards right

A screen grab of Sunny Leone's new video game TeenPatti  

Andre Rodrigues chats with actor Sunny Leone about her new game, and being an active part of the creative process, and finds that she is an avid gamer at heart.

Could you tell us a little bit about the game, and what’s your part?

TeenPatti is a lot different than the regular card game. I love playing Joker within TeenPatti . All the players can meet each other and interact. They can even send each other gifts online: like the donkeys that they’ve won. So it’s a very interactive game on cell phones.

This TeenPatti game has been done with Gamiana Digital Entertainment, and I have been involved in the shooting, how the game looks and even testing. I have been playing with people from different countries too. It’s been great, it’s been a fun process.

Why did you get into gaming?

My husband and I as well as my team, we are always trying to come up with different ways we can brand Sunny Leone on an international platform and also with the Indian market. Everybody in India loves gaming. I love playing video games, and I’ve always wanted to have one. I know how Teen Patti is popular in gaming and culture. They love playing with their family and friends. I just wanted to be a part of that and that's how it began.

What kind of video games do you and your husband play?

I think, I am more of a gamer than my husband. I have been playing video games ever since I was a little girl. Atari, Nintendo and I play on my consoles, a few games I have on the phones I carry with me. There is one phone with all my games. I have my iPad and there are couple of games on there.

There’s something on every single device I have. I’m a gamer. To all my gaming friends out there, when you think that you’re addicted to games, Sunny Leone is addicted to games as well.

Could you tell me a bit about your experience with making the game?

I am not somebody just required to be the face of the game. I have been a part of the process since the very beginning. I own the game along with Gaminia. It’s not just a picture of my face with on the game. I’m a huge part of it and it’s the way that I wanted it to be. How it plays, looks and feels.

We will try and continue to make the game much more different than everything out there. I’m going to be playing this every day online with everyone who wants to join in. It’s going to be so much more fun. Social media and being connected to your friends is very important in the entertainment industry. So I get to be a part of their lives and they get to be a part of mine.

What is the best aspect or feature you would like to shout out to your fans and people out there about TeenPatti ?

You like games, you like TeenPatti , you like to be part of the international players out there, not just in India, then TeenPatti is the way to go. You’ll have a lot of fun.

One of my favourite things about the game is you get to do different things. If I don’t like that I lost, I can send somebody a picture to tell them I don’t like them much, or that I’m going to beat them the next round. If I really like one of the players, I know I can send them a little card. So that’s something I do enjoy, the interactive part of the game.

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