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Friends with gaming benefits

Need something to spice up that party you’re not into? Perhaps your area of the train compartment is getting claustrophobic? Or you’re just bored. Here’s how you spend some quality time with your friends and keep the good times rolling.

Cinemoji — iOS - Free

Not to be confused with Kimoji, this one called Cinemoji, just launched a few days ago. It takes Dumb Charades to a new level. Rather than acting the movie name out, your friends have to guess the movie/TV show/videogame name. You can even include a friend to help you out in case things get hard guessing. It’s an innovative take on a fun party game.

Words with Friends — iOS/Android - Free

It’s scrabble on your mobile device. If you’re a stickler for the English language, you’ll really enjoy this one. It supports over 1,73,000 words, and essentially, you have to arrange letters on a board to make words. It’s easy, cerebral and a lot of fun.

Chess with Friends— iOS/Android - Free

Part of the ‘With Friends’ series of games, Chess With Friends does exactly what the title says. Allows you to connect online with people and play chess. You can challenge friends or play against random opponents online to go for their King. Chess with Friends right now has a massive player base to explore.

Letterpress— iOS - Free

This game has been around for a while, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s incredibly simple and so addictive. Go one-to-one against a friend to fill the board with their colour by making full words. Sadly, not for Android; however, if you want to have fun with words, you can download Zynga’s Word Streak with Friends. Bottom line though, there is nothing better than Letterpress, even though it’s a few years old, it still looks more fresh than anything else out there.

Draw Something— iOS/Android - Free

Another game that’s a golden oldie. Draw Something may be long in the tooth, but it’s got one of the biggest user bases out there. If you have not jumped on this bandwagon, now is the time. It’s basically Pictionary you can play with your friends from your social network or against strangers online. Just draw the word and your friends have to guess it. Incredibly simple and it shows your drawing skills or the lack of it thereof.

Heads Up!— iOS/ Androud - Free

If you watch The Ellen DeGeneres show, Heads Up! is the game that she plays with her celebrity guests. Now, you can play it with your friends too. Again, it’s super simple and fun. The screen flashes with a cue card of a word or name. You have to hold it over your head for the other person to prompt you without saying the name. You keep guessing until your time is up. A fun party game or equally fun if you play with strangers on a long train journey.

Evil Apples: A dirty card game— iOS/Android - Free

Ever played Cards against Humanity? Well, Evil Apples is a lot like that. The game is simple and there are a lot of laughs to be had. You play with a few friends, and a red card is displayed with an innocent sentence. Players have to fill in the blanks with whatever they have in their white card selection. The result is hilarious, as the judge picks the best, and those with seven points win.

Bam Fu— iOS/Android - Free

Meant for two to four players, Bam Fu is a multiplayer game on one device. The premise is simple, each player is given a colour and they have to tap the pebbles corresponding to their shade from a bunch of onscreen stones. It’s best played on an iPad for four people, and for two on your phone. Bam Fu gets a frenzied fun fracas of tapping going instantly.

SpaceTeam— iOS/Android - Free

Your ship is falling apart and you’re trying to outrun an exploding star. It’s you and some friends who are in charge of consoles with weird names. Coordinate with each other to prevent your ship from being blown to smithereens. It’s a fun game that promises a lot of shouting, screaming and frantic pronunciation of those big sci-fi words. Anywhere between two and eight players can have a crack at it.

Bomb Squad— iOS/Android - Free

The sweet pleasures of having fun blowing up your friends. Either connect with them on a local Wi-Fi or play multiplayer online. Capture the flag or play bomb hockey by running around levels and lobbying varieties of explosive devices at your friends. There’s loads of fun to be had in this multiplayer game that supports up to eight players.

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