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The godfather of disco, Giorgio Moroder.  

Very rarely has a musician stayed relevant decades after making it big. That’s not to say an artiste has a shelf life –– just that few can compare to the evolution we’ve witnessed producer/DJ Giorgio Moroder go through. The godfather of disco, as he’s fondly called, has been alive and kicking it in the music business since the ’60s. Almost every electronic musician today has been inspired by Moroder: hits like Donna Summer’s I Feel Love and Blondie’s Call Me. Plus, he’s pocketed an eternal spot in pop culture by being responsible for some of the most addictive original soundtracks. For instance, there’s Moroder all over the music from big blockbusters such as Cat People, Top Gun and the Midnight Express. More recently, his collaboration with Daft Punk rocketed his fame and introduced him to a younger generation. This year, 15 years after his last solo album, the father of electronic music released Deja Vu. It’s a power-packed effort with pulsating beats that reverberate long after you first heard it. There’s a staggering collaborative list on the roster, including pop queen Britney Spears (who covers ‘Tom’s Diner’!), Aussie spark Kylie Minogue, never-showing-her-face Sia and the super-cool Charlie XCX. We got Moroder to chat with us for an exclusive before his performance this weekend at Johnnie Walker - The Journey 2015. Here’s what he had to say about his bequeathed moniker, journey so far and what electronic music is shaping up to now.

What was going through your mind when you decided to make I Feel Love?

I thought it could be something that they would call the sound of the future because it was so different –– synthesizers played it all so I definitely thought there is something new but I did not think that after more than 30 years, people would reference the song as a great electronic new kind of sound.

How does it make you feel to know you’ve pioneered the genre for the world?

I did what I thought would work –– I experimented a lot and let’s say after 20 – 30 years, you get a certain name. If they call me the grandfather or godfather, that’s okay – it’s nice.

Deja Vu came out after a very long time, what were you up to all those years?

I worked more on other projects –– building a beautiful car, doing computer-generated images for which I won awards. I was distracted by a lot of other stuff but I was still listening to music, and playing a little here and there. I played at the Olympics in Beijing in 2006 and I loved it. I loved being away with the family, then Daft Punk came back, DJing too and now, I’m back in business.

What made you decide you wanted to return to making a solo album?

It’s not like I decided it. Daft Punk and the music industry decided it for me! After having a big song by Moroder, it was obvious I would go back to recording –– to be honest, I’m happy I did it. I’m happy to be coming to India –– that probably wouldn’t be happening if I hadn’t come back in the music business.

After all these years, how do you continue to make new music?

It’s the challenge –– there are so many new artistes and composers and producers and I want to be one of those. To work with artistes and great singers: Sia, Charli XCX. It’s all very inspiring and that’s what keeps me wanting to work.

What do you think of the electronic music industry today?

I like it –– the rhythm is really strong now and the bass is very good. The DJs try and look for new sounds, and the ones in the last five years are very different, clean and pleasant actually. There’s one called Charli XCX, who’s talented and a very good composer. She is definitely going to become a very big name. Rihanna is absolutely incredible.

Who’s your favourite right now?

Max Martin from Sweden. There’s a new guy called Zedd, who has some great dance songs. And Rihanna is incredible.

What are your India plans?

It is going to be very exciting! Can’t wait to feel the energy India has to offer! I’m looking forward to Indian food, a little sightseeing in Mumbai. I’d like to take a car and drive around. I really want to see the Taj Mahal with my wife and have a great, not-too-spicy meal.

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