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India high on well-being index: survey

Sandeep Patel (left), MD & CEO, Cigna TTK Health Insurance, and Jason Sadler, president, International Marketing, Cigna, at a press conference in Mumbai on Tuesday.— Photo: SHASHI ASHIWAL  

A survey by Cigna TTK Health Insurance has revealed that while Indian consumers score high on the well-being index, there is a lack of knowledge on body weight and a healthy diet as an overwhelming 85 per cent of respondents claimed to have a healthy diet even though 37 per cent were overweight or obese based on their body mass index (BMI).

The survey also said 53 per cent of Indians are not prepared for any large unexpected medical expenses.

The survey focussed on monitoring and tracking motivations, perceptions and attitudes toward overall ‘well-being’ amongst consumers across 11 countries: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, New Zealand, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and the UK.

Ind India, the survey was conducted in 10 cities, with a sample size of 3,021 respondents, as an independent study by Ipsos. The study was based on five key indices, physical, social, family, financial and workplace well-being, to provide an overall score measuring consumers’ perceptions.

India ranked highest in overall well-being in the region at 72.8, which is above the regional average of 65.3 in a league of overall well-being score results across the 11 countries, the survey said.

The survey report also said that the findings from the United Nations and the European Union suggest that happiness is U-shaped, with the middle age group (40+) being least happy relative to the young and old. “However, India seems to deviate from the usual “happiness U-curve. The 60+ Indian generation seems to feel the bulk of the strain where the overall well-being score drops (35 per cent).”

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