MP flays State ordinance on fish auction

M.K. Raghavan, MP has come down heavily on the State government over its new ordinance in connection with the fisheries sector and has termed it as worse than the oppressive taxes imposed during the rule of kings in the country.

The MP, in a press release, said that the norms in the ordinance were unjust to fishing sector labourers, who though hailed as the State’s own navy during the floods, were the class that faced most hardships.

The fishing sector heavily depended on nature’s blessings. Due to climate change and pollution, the fish wealth of the State had been on a decline. Combined with the financial crisis brought on by COVID-19, many fishermen were on the verge of suicide. Yet, when they were slowly limping out of the crisis, the new ordinance had come as a new shock for them, the MP said.

Under the new ordinance that pertains to fish auction, the sale and quality control, auction can be held only at the government-designated places while only licensed auctioneers could take part in it. Besides, the government would get 5% of the proceeds as commission.

Mr. Raghavan said that this would adversely affect fishermen who went to the sea in small boats. The authorities did not even take into consideration the variation in quantity of fish yield in different season, he said.

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