Your leaders are making a fool of you in the name of Kashmir: Modi tells Pakistanis

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed a public rally on the Kozhikode beach.

He touched on several subjects like Keralites in the Gulf, BJP leader Deendayal Upadhaya and the recent Uri attacks.

He also participated in the reunion gathering of delegates of the erstwhile Jan Sangh of 1967 at the Zamorin’s High School at Tali later in the evening.

The entire Central government machinery, including the Prime Minister’s Office will function from Kozhikode for two days. Facilities have also been made for other Union Ministries, if required, especially for Home and Defence.

The Prime Minister will stay at the Kozhikode government guest house amid tight security. More than 2,000 police personnel have been deployed for the mega meet.


7.00 p.m.: PM Modi wraps up his speech saying the nationalism of the country's 125 crore people is the inspiration for the jawans.

"This govt will go ahead with the vision once envisaged by Deendayal Upadhaya to remove poverty. Let our country become free from inequality. Let this country be free from corruption and unemployment. Let India be free from atrocities against women. Let this land in this 21st century become prosperous."

He ends his speech with Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

6.40 p.m.: "My dear fellow citizens, the efforts of the BSF or the CRPF to keep the terrorists in check is not just because of good weapons but also your prayers," says PM Modi.

"A leader is reading the speech of a terrorist. I want to speak to Pakistani citizens. I want to say, before 1947 your forefathers loved this land."

PM Modi talks about Bangladesh and PoK. He brings up Balochistan and Sindh and asks Pakistanis to think about whether things are right in the two areas. "Is PoK is with you now? Is Bangladesh with you now? Sindh is with you. Balochistan is with you. But are things right there? Your leaders are making you fools in the name of Kashmir."

He asks Pakistani to think about which country got independence in 1947. PM Modi says one day the time will come when Pakistan citizens will take to the streets against terrorism.

He says India is ready to fight a war for thousand years to remove poverty and asks, "Let us see who wins." He calls upon Pakistan to remove social evils like unemployment, poverty and mortality deaths in both countries.

6.30 p.m: PM Modi touches on the subject of terror.

"This is Asia's century. All the Asian countries striving for an Asian century. But one country in Asia is spreading terror. It is being an hindrance to the development. That country is exporting terror. That country has become a fear factor, whether it be for Afghanistan or Bangladesh. A country's name crops up when a terror strikes anywhere in the world."

"And like Osama Bin Laden, those behind the crime make this country a safe haven for themselves. This one country is spreading ahimsa."

PM Modi finally brings up the recent terror attacks in Uri. He says India never has and never will be cowed by terrorism.

"In Kashmir's Uri, militants with the support of a neighbouring State killed 18 soldiers in an army camp. India will never forget that. India will give a fitting reply. In the last few months, 17 have incidents taken place. Many were killed. However, our army took steps to check cross-border terrorism. As many as 110 militants have also been killed."

"The Indian Army will strive to check any incursions. We are proud of our Army. The nation's 125 crore people are with our brave jawans."

6.20 p.m.: PM Modi says he has based his services on the ideals of Upadhaya.

"When the NDA chose me, I promised that I would work for the poor. That would be based on the ideals of Upadhaya. I did that for last two years and still continuing. Before coming to power I wanted to implement the wealth of experience in the organisation. But hundreds of BJP workers sacrificed their lives in Kerala. I want to say to the BJP workers that your sacrifices will not go waste."

PM Modi talks of changes that will happen in Kerala. He talks about how the changes will be brought by the BJP in Kerala. "Kerala has the potential to reach great heights with regards to development. India's economy is growing at a fast pace. Development can be seen in the fishing and farming sectors. The Centre has implemented schemes for farmers and the fishing community. We are facing several challenges."

6.15 p.m.: PM Modi mentions Deendayal Upadhaya and talks about his legacy. "50 years ago, Upadhaya took over the reigns of Jan Sangh. I don't know how the media reacted to the development, but today, BJP is the biggest party in India," he says.

This country gave us three great personalities, he says. "The first is Gandhi, the second is Upadhaya and the third is Lohiya.The politics of the country in the last century based on these personalities," he says.

6.05 p.m.: PM Modi talks about his tour of the Gulf, when he wanted to meet Malayalis.

"In recent times I toured the Gulf, when leaders of nations meet. But I desired to meet thousands of Malayalis. Felt proud when the leaders of other countries praise Keralites for their commitment."

"I got an opportunity to visit Kozhikode once again. A big difference is seen now. Earlier when travelling to the venue, I saw a human chain. Now I see a human wall."

5.55 p.m.: Mr. Modi begins his speech. Like Mr. Shah's speech, the Prime Minister's address will be translated to Malayalam by former BJP State president V. Muraleedharan.

He enthuses the crowd by beginning his speech in Malayalam. He welcomes the crowd in Malayalam. "In the name of Zamorin and Pazhassi Raja. This is God's own country," he says.

"The name of Kerala gives us a sense of purity. It is land of rishis, sages and other great persons who made this Kerala culturally beautiful," says PM Modi.

5.33 p.m.: Now, BJP president Amit Shah to address the gathering. His hindi speech is being translated by former BJP State president V. Muraleedharan to Malayalam.

Mr. Shah says the BJP in Kerala secured 15% of votes in the recent Assembly polls. And, he can see a BJP govt. winning in the next polls. He calls Kerala a 'holy land' and recalls how pandit Deendayal Upadhaya was elected as Jan Sangh president from this 'holy land'.

The BJP president is talking about how his party has been providing relief to the poor and new schemes are being introduced every 'every fortnight'. But is quick to say that he won't get into the details.

He goes on to add, "The Modi govt. is already undertaking schemes envisaged by Upadhayaya. The performance of the govt. has been elaborated by Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu. The people of the State supported with 15% votes and a legislator."

Now, his speech shifts to the spate of attacks on BJP workers in the State. "But after the polls the new govt is attacking BJP workers. This is a shame in a democratic set up. The attack on the BJP and the RSS is not new. These things are taking place in the village of the Kerala CM itself." He says the party will not retract from its activities and will use democratic means to take on this ongoing violence and 'bomb culture'. He concludes with this, "I want to say that I will take the party forward, with the legacy of Upadhayaya."

5.21 p.m.: Around 2,500 delegates, including the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and Chief Ministers of BJP-ruled States , and MPs are attending the meet.

5.11 p.m.: Mr. Modi reaches Kozhikode. He is expected to take a break at the Kozhikode government guest house and then proceed via road to the beach, the venue of the rally. Mr. Modi is being received by State BJP president Kummanam Rajasekharan.

5.03 p.m.: Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu is addressing the gathering, attacks the Left's politics of violence in Kerala and dynasty politics of the Congress. He says time has come to put an end to the politics of religion and caste. He adds: "The Congress and the Left parties do not consider the Muslim League as communal. They do not condemn IS and Hizb."

He takes a jibe at the Congress, says "earlier it was PM presides and Madam decides. Now, it is PM presides and team decides."

4.48 p.m.: Senior leader L.K. Advani reaches the rally venue.

4.44 p.m.: Mr. Modi reaches Karipur airport. He will take a helicopter from there to captain Vikram Maidan at West Hill.

Mr. Modi will inaugurate the year-long birth centenary celebrations of Deendayal Upadhayaya centenary celebrations at Swpana Nagari, the venue of the national council meeting, on September 25.

H. Raja said that the meeting would deliberate on various political and economics issues, including Kashmir. The council would concentrate on the strategies of different States, especially Kerala where it had registered 16 per cent of total votes in the recent Assembly polls.

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