Vairamuthu to launch project to ‘restore the pride’ of Tamil film songs

Lyricist Vairamuthu has said he would soon launch a project to “raise the standard” of Tamil film songs.

“I am belling the cat. I intend to open diligently a new royal road for Tamil. A generation can travel on this,” he claimed in a statement.

He said while he would not say that there were no good songs, he only regretted that their number had dwindled.

“The film songs that served Tamil society for generations now in the time of technology have crashed against a rock as a glass ball and broken to smithereens,” he said. He would not hold the creators alone responsible for the pathetic state of film songs since music directors did not lack creative strength, directors had not lost the inventive quest and lyricists also had proliferated.

“The violence of noise in the name of music, the molestation of language with discordant music, the artistes that are ignorant of what is happening in a song, and the meaningless lip-sync of the actresses have left lyricists like me in bewilderment, wondering if some songs need any language at all,” he said.

Grave condition

Stating that one could only pretend not to see the grave condition, Mr. Vairamuthu contended a sharp intention to take forward the progressiveness of the Tamils and other concerns had urged him to do something.

“When Tamil cinema resurrects, everyone should join hands to raise the standards of Tamil. Or fulfil the need for Tamil art beyond the boundaries of film songs,” he said.

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