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Gummidipoondi | Unregulated industrial growth hits life, livelihood

Gummidipoondi residents point to rising pollution of land, water and air, caused by over 100 units, and lack of services

February 09, 2021 02:11 am | Updated February 13, 2021 05:51 pm IST - CHENNAI

The civic conditions in 131 villages and two towns under the Gummidipoondi Assembly constituency stem from a delicate mix of ruthless industrial development, failing agriculture and deteriorating public health.

Ahead of the election, residents point to the rising pollution of land, water and air caused by more than 100 industrial units, leading to a steady decline of agriculture.

As the constituency is represented by the AIADMK, parties like the DMK have launched village-level meetings to address civic issues.

Signboards have been erected in villages like Sirupuzhalpettai, warning the industrial units against dumping of hazardous waste in the residential neighbourhoods.

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