Unauthorised parking at station premises

A view of the station.   | Photo Credit: K_V_Srinivasan

Kalvi Varu Street in Mylapore, which often teems with vehicles of people visiting the area, is notorious for illegal parking.

Now, the street has a new parking area. Now, even this one is unauthorised. The premises of Mundagakanniamman Koil Station is the new parking space for vehicles belonging to residents of neighbouring apartment complexes. Vehicles of cab drivers and mechanics are also parked at this new-found parking space.

From the entrance of the station , on Mundagakanni Amman Koil Street, abandoned four-wheelers, high-end cars covered from top to bottom and vehicles of cab drivers can be found parked on the premises, all the way to the very end.

Ever since it was opened in May 2014, the MRTS station has been without a parking contractor.

Although a space has been earmarked at the station premises for vehicles to be parked, it is inaccessible. And, those living in areas around the station have turned much of the facility into a parking area.

“Very few cars can be parked on the apartment premises, so visitors to the apartment complex and those who don’t have a parking space leave their vehicles on the station premises,” says the watchman of Vasanth Apartment, which shares the boundary wall with Mundagakanniamman Koil station.

According to railway staff working at the station, tenders were issued three to four times inviting parking contractors to manage vehicles on the premises but no company has come forward.

Mundagakanniamman Koil station is the 18th station on the Beach-Velachery line, opened after a long delay. The station is located in a thickly populated residential area with easy access to a bus stop, a number of companies and educational institutions.

Southern Railway officials say the collection at Thirumayilai station has taken a dip after this station was opened. The number of tickets sold at the station is on a steady rise. In the initial months, 200-300 tickets were sold every day. Today, approximately 1,500 tickets are sold at the ticket counter.

The annual figure of the number of UTS tickets sold is also rising. In 2014-15, 31,4578 UTS (unreserved ticketing system) tickets ere sold, and in 2015-16, it was 47,6828.

The interiors of the station premises are welcoming. The stairs leading to the platform are decorated with bright paintings. What we see outside the station is in sharp contrast with the pleasant picture we get inside. Many vehicles use the station premises as a thoroughfare to get from Brindavan Street to Mundakakanni Amman Koil Street.

Railway staff say they have spoken to residents from the neighbouring apartments and to cab drivers, asking them not to leave their vehicles on the station premises.

Incidents of thefts have also been reported, but that has not deterred people from leaving their vehicles here for days together.

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