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Health books to read in April

Health books to read in April

TOXIC  POSITIVITY By Whitney Goodman; Hachette India

Toxic Positivity By Whitney Goodman

Toxic Positivity By Whitney Goodman | Photo Credit: SPECIAL ARRAGEMENT

Whitney Goodman talks about how to own our emotions and keep them real instead of masking them in times of distress. The world is obsessed with being happy and there is an overkill of good vibes that suppress the authentic emotions and connection between the mind and the heart, says the psycho-therapist author and tells the readers to free themselves from the  pressure to be always positive.

The key to happiness is not about silencing negativity in ourselves and in others. When faced with illness, loss, breakups and other challenges, there is little space for talking about our real feelings and processing them, he writes. Acknowledging true emotions is the healthiest way to move forward. Goodman wonders if positivity alone is the panacea for all difficulties, then why are so many of us anxious, depressed, and burned out? The path to mental growth and physical wellness is to show the real you to heal past your wounds. If someone has  it worse, then why can’t he or she be sad? If there is something to be grateful for, gratitude must be the only emotion. Asking people to be  happy all the time is like hiding behind a mass of fake joy.

Overdose of positivity is toxic and increases feelings of shame, inadequacy and isolation. It might originate from good intentions, but it does not do us any favors, the author writes and offers a refreshing guide to experience and work through difficult emotions. He highlights latest research, everyday examples and client stories that reveal how damaging toxic positivity is to ourselves and our relationships. “Shaming ourselves for experiencing a normal, biologically programmed response to a stimulus isn’t going to lead us anywhere. It’s just going to end in more pretensions, concealing and unhappiness,” the author writes.

Chemical Khichdi - How I Hacked My Mental Health By  Aparna Piramal Raje; Penguin India

Chemical Khichdi by Aparna Piramal Raje

Chemical Khichdi by Aparna Piramal Raje | Photo Credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Aparna Raje, former CEO and Piramal family member, and mother of two shares the story of her two-decades struggle against bipolar disorder. It made her realise how remaining silent about mental health issues results in the loneliness and isolation of those who suffer from them and aggravates sadness in those who love them.

Raje’s story is one of courage and hope and it is her resolve to help others. Also known as manic depresssion, her disorder is characterized by extreme shifts in moods and energy levels, leading to euphoric highs and damaging lows. The author tells the story of her vulnerability and resilience and how she learnt to come to terms with her condition.

A combination of a memoir, reportage and self-help guide, Chemical Khichdi tries to empathetically remove stigma associated with mental illness. The book presents ‘seven therapies’ as a hopeful and helpful pathway for those with mental health conditions and their loved ones, with the message that it is possible to thrive with a vulnerability.

Know Your Own Power By Dr Radha ModgilHachette India

Know Your Own Power By Dr.Radha Modgil

Know Your Own Power By Dr.Radha Modgil | Photo Credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

A general practitioner, Dr Radha Modgil provides an inspiring toolbox of reflections and advice that enables us to relook at the difficulties we often face in life that overwhelm us. She gently guides the readers to learn to step into their own mental strength and power and trust themselves. According to her, when we become more aware of who we truly are, it becomes easier to overcome the challenging curveballs life keeps throwing at us.

Life can be relentless but each of us also has the gift of finding the way out. Daily reflections, inspiration and actions on how to overcome challenges are discussed under three sections that the book is divided into:  Getting Through, Stepping Up and Moving Forward. Dr Modgil handholds the reader and shows how the changes to be implemented to change the course of our lives,  is in our own hands. There is a strong, determined self inside each of us and we need to get hold of this power during any crisis. In the journey of life it is important to find the right balance, create healthy habits and build solid foundations to happily lead the life you were born to live, she says.

GENERATION XL Tackling and Preventing Childhood Obesity in India By Dr. Sanjay Borude;  Penguin Random House India

Generation XL By Dr Sanjay Borude

Generation XL By Dr Sanjay Borude | Photo Credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Being overweight is an invitation to ill health, doctors have always warned us. Children have fewer weight-related health and medical issues than adults, but if they are overweight, then they are at high risk of developing chronic ailments such as Type 2 diabetes , pulmonary disorders,  osteoarthritis and heart disease later in life. They are also more prone to develop stress, depression, and low self-esteem,  bariatric surgeon, Dr Sanjay Borude writes in his book. Borude provides solutions to overcome childhood obesity, that is guesstimated to affect one out of every fifth Indian child by 2030.

Dr. Bordue tackles the sensitive subject comprehensively and reminds parents how prompt lifestyle changes can reverse the situation if obesity is not severe (BMI below 29). He also discusses other possible contributing factors such as genetic makeup, hypothyroidism and Cushing’s Syndrome (a condition that occurs from the use of steroid drugs for a long time and overproduction of cortisol by the adrenal glands) that can cause severe obesity (BMI of 35 and above) and shares real-life case studies to help parents chart a roadmap to recovery and a fitter, healthier life for their children.

The book provides illustrative guidelines about the changes one should make in diet, lifestyle, and environment in order to prevent and manage childhood obesity. “Without corrective action, there could be serious implications for future generations,” he asserts.

The Authentic Yoga Book By P Y Deshpande and Daaji; HEARTFULNESS

The Authentic Yoga Book by P Y Deshpande

The Authentic Yoga Book by P Y Deshpande | Photo Credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

The book is a insight into the meaning of  true state of Yoga that helps individuals find a balance and harmony within the body, mind and soul. The authors try to bring yoga closer to all; integrate it into modern consciousness of every person who desires a life free of stress and strain

While most books on yoga revolve around asanas and pranayama for physical wellbeing and an energetic body, Deshpande focuses on niyama and yama to tell readers how to lead a minimalist and satisfactory life. He takes inspiration from spiritual guru J Krishnamoorthy to transform the common understanding of yoga to a yogic perception. The author analyses what stops us from fathoming the oneness within and  guides readers through a narrative of desires and its follies, likes and dislikes, emotions and complexities of the mind.

He explains the nature of a meditative mind, the effect of meditation on consciousness, how to realise our human potential and what happens when we succumb to likes and dislikes. The approach is scientific and the findings are based on easily adopted yogic practices designed to support contentment, inner calm, stillness, compassion, courage and clarity of thought.

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