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Mithraboomi P. Saravanan: This is near the vicinity of the Sai Baba Temple, situated on Venkatesa Agraharam Street, Mylapore. Two wheelers are parked obstructing pedestrian space and police have allowed beggars to occupy the road as well. The situation is worst on Thursdays with additional shops popping up.
Arjun Pandyanathan: This picture has been the view from my apartment in Santhome for the last 6 months. Hawkers, auto-stands, mechanics and political structures have fully occupied the footpath. Our apartment owners association complained to the Corporation and the police, but has not got any response from them.
Karthik V.: On the way from Chennai Central railway station to Park railway station, the autorickshaws are parked on the edge of the pavement giving no way for the pedestrians. People, therefore are forced to walk on the road. The pavement has also a drain which leaks causing inconvenience.
R.B. Chandran: In Besant Nagar no streets are pedestrian friendly since there are no footpaths. House owners use concrete blocks to save parking space. The area is also full of restaurants and the customers park their vehicles on the pavements.
T.J. Devadas: The footpath in front of Chinthamani Super market in Annanagar East (1st Avenue) is blocked by a tree forcing pedestrians to walk on the road filled with heavy traffic. Chennai Corporation should take a decision to remove the tree which leans menacingly close towards the road.
Pradeep Kumar: On the junction of New Giri Road and G N Chetty Road (opposite to the Accord Metropolitan Hotel) is a small eatery on a push cart which has permanently encroached the pavement and the road. The pedestrians have to walk on the road and endanger themselves. The police or the Corporation have not taken any action in spite of numerous complaints.
Dr. J.P. John: A blue metal sheet enclosure has been put up on the footpath on Nelson Manickam Road touching the compound wall of a house and clinic. Men use the space around it as a urinal and the rubbish from nearby hotels is dumped — a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies and rats. I have sent several petitions to the Zonal Officer,Health Officer and Online complaint (No:213LA), but no action has been taken.
K G Sathyanarayanan: On Harrington Road, the footpaths are strewn with cable wires, construction material and garbage bins. Apart from this the footpaths are also occupied by hawkers, vehicles open drains. This road has four schools and is not safe for anyone.
Selvan Thandapani: This is a picture of Vaigai street, Kalakshetra Colony. I am not sure how this happened but a part of the pavement is missing and now it's a dumping ground.
Kusum Mody: The picture is from Taylors Road. Although it is predominantly a residential area there are half a dozen schools nearby. Once there were wide, low and accessible pavements, but now there are these are impossible to use because they are too high, broken down, blocked (by transformers, shops or parked cars) or taken over for other uses.
L. Antony: The pavements here on Nimmo Road, Santhome have been taken over by a private property for a garden thereby obstructing the movement of school children and other pedestrians. They have also restricted the road space by parking two of their cars permanently on the road and using it as a private parking lot. The cars are also washed on the road creating a nuisance. Would request the Corporation to please look into these intrusions.
R. Natarajan: The location of the photo is near the TNEB office at Bazullah Road. Corporation uses the footpath to dump waste and the adjoining area is occupied as a warehouse (by TNEB) for storing cables.
Shruti Ramanujam: There is literally no pavement on this road. Even if a pavement is present, it either has broken slabs or is encroached upon. In order to avoid the almost non-existent pavement and the cars parked right next to it, pedestrians walk on the road. Also, in front of the Punjab National Bank here (which is where the photo was taken), there is a trash can with trash everywhere except inside it. Have I missed any road sign that says
Siddharth Sundar: At U block, 4th main road, Annanagar, an independent house next to Punjab National Bank, the pavement is and is encroachment with a steep ramp and a private garden.
Srini Swaminathan: New Colony Main road (same road as Adambakkam Police Station), Adambakkam, which is a 50ft wide road, is always occupied by shopkeepers who store bricks, jalli stones, sand and other vehicles on the footpaths. This essentially reduces the width of the road and people are forced to walk on the roads. Rules must be enforced house and shop owners should store their things inside their compound. The road is not a place to store bricks and other material.

The Hindu's Right to Walk campaign is an attempt to reclaim our city’s footpaths for pedestrians. Through a targeted print and online campaign it hopes to empower residents and goad local officials to act. Here, we showcase photos and stories shared by our readers. For more stories go to My Chennai My Right


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