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Harrshithaa: Vandiamman Koil Street, Padikuppam, Chennai 107. The roads connecting to national highway has been dug before 3 months and not been re-laid or levelled .The electric poles are empty with our lamps and encouraging hooligans for illegal activities and in return endangering lives of women and children in the late hours. Complaints are made at regular intervals to the concerned authorities in vain.
Col. P. Anbu: At Velachery, the pavement in front of Sutherland's compound wall cannot be used in the evenings because the company's executives occupy the pavement fully while they smoke and have their cup of tea. To make things worse, approx. seven feet of the road is occupied by motorcycles. Pedestrians walking on the road, behind the entire stretch of motorcycles, are forced to walk dangerously close to speeding buses. Things are moving from bad to worse each day. Police from J7 Police Station should clear these cars and motorcycles on a daily basis.
Velavan: In spite of repeatedly sending photographs regarding bad roads at ward #34, Moses Street, the situation still remains the same.
There is no place to walk and it’s very slushy and its very difficult for school and office goers. After every rain the road is getting even worse and Avadi Municpal Corporation hasn’t taken any remedy to solve the problem.
T.S. Gopal: Luz Church Road once the Lawyer's Paradise, is the classic example of take over of the path from Luz Corner to Alwarpet Anjaneya's abode. Two and three wheelers, shops, food- vendors, TANGED transformers, vintage fuse boxes, sloping pathways for private vehicle owners and the garbage bins have literally left the pedestrians standing on the street with no right to set their foot on the path.
K. Venkatesan: Nandambakkam (Near Chennai Trade Centre). The concerned highway department is not all listening to our demands. Even a complaint was raised in CM special cell through online process. The party position holders take it has an advantage in running their shops and nobody cares. Like Police patrol, highway patrol for illegal shops comes in then the things would change dramatically and we can see a neat Chennai very soon.
Sabrinath Vellaisamy: Here I have attached some encroachment pictures in Anna Nagar west Ext . You can see even the police are involved in these encroachments.
V.Anju Thirukumaran: Bhagwantham Street,T Nagar. Need Space to walk and its a school road too.
Svitha. S: The condition of roads in Korattur R.S ( Chennai-76 ) have been
critical since October, 2012. It started with the roads being dug up
for drainage and metro water pipe laying, in late 2012 and it has remained the same till date. Many complaints have been given, but in vain. It makes the condition of school children, office-goers, senior citizen really pathetic.
Rajesh.R: The picture I have attached is from 1000 lights area and the city has literally blocked the payment with some construction material. If they could remove them and make it usable for pedestrians it will be helpful.

The Hindu's Right to Walk campaign is an attempt to reclaim our city’s footpaths for pedestrians. Through a targeted print and online campaign it hopes to empower residents and goad local officials to act. Here, we showcase photos and stories shared by our readers. For more stories go to My Chennai My Right


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