MTC to launch real-time bus tracking app soon

Special Correspondent CHENNAI 20 October 2021 03:54 IST
Updated: 20 October 2021 00:45 IST

The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) is almost in the final stages of testing the Locate and Access My Bus (LAMB) app. The mobile app can be used to track MTC buses in real time.

A senior official of MTC said the testing of the LAMB app was almost complete, and soon, it would be launched for the use of commuters.

He said live tracking of buses was also available in the Chalo app and would soon be migrated to the LAMB app.


The MTC website has been upgraded as part of the LAMB app project.

In the project, the Metropolitan Transport Corporation has installed global positioning system (GPS) technology in its fleet, and once the app was fully tested, the GPS would be linked with it to make the software fully functional.

Data aggregation

To improve bus operations, the MTC has commissioned the Intelligent Transport System.

This system was installed under the Smart City Mission.

The Intelligent Transport System would not only help in providing data of automatic vehicle location and passenger information service to the LAMB app but would also provide the depot managers with the operational efficiency of the buses through the Depot Management System.

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