Metrowater intensifies survey of commercial structures

Several residents who live close to hotels or other commercial establishments complain of sewer blocks— Photo: B. Jothi Ramalingam  

As a step towards tackling sewage-related problems in the city, Chennai Metrowater is identifying water-intensive buildings that are yet to construct diaphragm chambers for filtering solid waste.

There are over 11.32 lakh assessees in the city, including those in the merged areas. The water agency has launched a drive to identify water-intensive and commercial buildings such as marriage halls and hotels that do not have diaphragm chambers.

The team of officials will issue notices to the identified establishments instructing them to establish a chamber to filter solid waste from entering the sewer network. The notices will be issued till October-end with a two-week notice period.

Those who do not comply with the notice may have to suffer water and sewer disconnection, according to sources in the Metrowater. Several residents in areas such as T. Nagar who live close to hotels or other commercial establishments complain of sewer blocks.

Sewage mixing with water is also a regular complaint in places like Natesan Street of T. Nagar as solid waste from neighbouring eateries often blocks the sewer lines.

Such problems are more common during the rainy season.

To prevent sewage overflow during the monsoon, the water agency will also instruct multi-storied buildings to install sewer gratings. Teams of officials are also involved in creating awareness among residents about installing sewer gratings to reduce sewage-related problems.

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