R.K. Nagar bypoll | Updates: Dhinakaran wins R.K. Nagar bypoll

Supporters of T.T.V. Dhinakaran celebrate his victory in the R.K. Nagar bypolls in Chennai on December 24, 2017.   | Photo Credit: M. Vedhan

Sidelined AIADMK leader T.T.V. Dhinkaran has won the R.K. Nagar bypoll decisively by a margin of more that 40,000 votes. Since the beginning of counting at the Queen Mary’s College in Chennai, Mr. Dhinakaran maintained a steady lead over his nearest contenders.

More than a year after Jayalalithaa's death, the constituency that she represented in the Tamil Nadu Assembly finally elected her replacement on December 21.

Security has been beefed up in various parts of the city, officials said. Over 500 security personnel have been deployed around Queen Mary’s College.

T.T.V. Dhinakaran pays floral tributes at the memorial of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.G. Ramachandran in Chennai on December 24, 2017.

T.T.V. Dhinakaran pays floral tributes at the memorial of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.G. Ramachandran in Chennai on December 24, 2017.   | Photo Credit: M. Vedhan


Live updates

5.07 p.m.: Mr. Dhinakaran wins R.K. Nagar bypoll by a margin of 40,707 votes. AIADMK finishes second and retains security deposit. All the other candidates, 57 of them including the DMK’s Mr. Ganesh, have forfeited deposit. 

Mr. Dhinakaran has secured more votes than all 58 other candidates put together and surpassed Jayalalithaa’s winning margin by 1,162 votes. In 2016, Jayalalithaa had won by a margin of 39,545 votes. 

Tally at the end of 19th and final round of counting

TTV Dhinakaran89013
Naam Thamilar3860

He is the first independent MLA since the 2001 win of M. Appavu from Radhapuram. 

5.05 p.m.: As Mr. Dhinakaran prepares to leave his house to collect the winner’s certificate, loyalist Vetrivel claims that “many MLAs are in touch” with their camp. While declining to reveal the numbers, Mr. Vetrivel says, “the government will fall, 100%”.

5 p.m.: As we get to stage of official announcement of the result, security has been beefed up at the counting centre, our correspondent Aloysius Xavier Lopez reports.


4.50 p.m.: Mr. Dhinkaran looks all set to take the R.K. Nagar seat, as counting enters final round.

Tally at the end of 18th round

TTV Dhinakaran86472
Naam Thamilar3802

4.30 p.m.: As the 17th round of counting got underway, Mr. Dhinakaran leads his nearest rival by a margin of 35,685 votes. With about 30,000 to be counted, Mr. Dhinkaran’s victory has been assured.



Tally at the end of 16th round

TTV Dhinakaran76701
Naam Thamilar3645


4.15 p.m.: Tally at the end of 15th round

TTV Dhinakaran72413
Naam Thamilar3535


As Mr. Dhinakaran maintains an unassailable lead, VCK leader Thol. Thirumavalavan says R.K. Nagar has settled the question about Jayalalithaa’s successor.

4.05 p.m.: Tally at the end of 14th round

TTV Dhinakaran68392
Naam Thamilar3316


3.45 p.m.: Tally at the end of 13th round

TTV Dhinakaran64984
Naam Thamilar3083


3.25 p.m.: Tally at the end of 12th round

TTV Dhinakaran60284
Naam Thamilar2871


After this round the AIADMK is assured of retaining its deposit.

3.15 p.m.: Tally at the end of 11th round

TTV Dhinakaran54315
Naam Thamilar2607


3.10 p.m.: Disqualified MLA Thangatamilselvan claims support of 60 MLAs for the Dhinakaran faction. He says the R.K. Nagar result has proved that Mr. Dhinakaran was “the only candidate capable of leading the AIADMK”.

Supportes put up a pro-T.T.V. Dhinakaran poster and flag at the R.K. Nagar MLA office in Chennai on December 24, 2017.

Supportes put up a pro-T.T.V. Dhinakaran poster and flag at the R.K. Nagar MLA office in Chennai on December 24, 2017.   | Photo Credit: Vivek Narayanan


3 p.m.: Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Thambi Durai says R.K. Nagar result is a vote against the DMK and “the 2G scam”. And BJP National Secretary H. Raja terms it as a victory for money power. 

2.45 p.m.: In the tenth round, Mr. Dinakaran adds 4,500 votes to his tally. Mr. Madhusoodhanan gets 3,595 votes and Mr. Ganesh 1,584. 

Tally at the end of 10th round

TTV Dhinakaran48808
Naam Thamilar2347


2.30 p.m. Mr. Dhinakaran adds 9,962 votes after 9th round of counting. He now has 44,308 votes. His nearest rival AIADMK’s Mr. Madhusoodhanan 21,972 votes, followed by DMK’s Mr. Marudhu Ganesh with 11,431 votes.

2 p.m.: Mr. Dhinakaran pays tributes at the MGR and Jayalalithaa memorials. 

Tally at the end of seventh round

TTV Dhinakaran34346
Naam Thamilar1732


1:40 pm: As it appears that the DMK candidate might finish the race in the third place, the party headquarters Anna Arivalayam and the residence of DMK's Working president Stalin in Chittaranjan Road wears a deserted look. 

1:30 pm: I am an independent candidate for namesake but the party workers are with me. I also have Amma's wishes, says Mr. Dhinakaran.

1:00 pm: Tally at the end of sixth round

TTV Dhinakaran29255
Naam Thamilar1509


12:55 pm: In the sixth round of counting, Mr. Dhinakaran leads by 2,988 votes. Adding all the six rounds of counting, he leads AIADMK's Mr. Madhusoodhanan by a margin of 15,345 votes.

Huge support for Mr. Dhinakaran in Ward 38 in Tondiarpet where the former Corporation Taxation and Finance Committee Member S. Santhanam was councillor. Mr. Santhanam died in a road accident near Tiruchi ahead of the byelection.

12:50 pm: T.T.V. Dhinakaran arrives at Chennai airport. He is expected to reach MGR memorial within an hour.

12:40 pm: Tally at the end of fifth round

TTV Dhinakaran24132
Naam Thamilar1245


12:35 pm: Minister Sellur Raju says the government will face no threat whatever may be the outcome of the bypoll.  The AIADMK is like a banyan tree. Noone can do anything to it, he says.

12:30 pm: Pugazhendi, formerly the head of AIADMK's Karnataka unit, says Mr. Dhinakaran's imminent victory will "change the scene in Tamil Nadu Assembly." He will enter the Assembly as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, says Mr. Pugazhendi, a Dhinakaran loyalist.

12:20 pm: Mr. Dhinakaran sees a dip in votes polled during the fifth round. However, he continues to lead by a margin of 517 votes in the fifth round. Adding all the five rounds of counting, Mr. Dinakaran leads AIADMK 's Madhusoodhanan by 12357 votes.

It appears that a chunk of votes polled in areas such as Ezhil Nagar, MGR Nagar and JJ Nagar have gone in favour of AIADMK.

High income neighbourhoods such as Sundaram Pillai Nagar in Tondiarpet have supported AIADMK. Mr. Madhusoodhanan secures more votes than Mr. Dhinakaran in the area

12:10 pm: Tally at the end of fourth round

TTV Dhinakaran20298
Naam Thamilar962


11:50 am: The AIADMK headquarters wears a deserted look, reports R. Sujatha.

This is the first time the AIADMK is losing the prestigious R.K. Nagar seat since 2001. This is also the first time the constituency is set to elect an independent candidate.

11:40 am: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has commented on R.K. Nagar elections. "Dinakaran seems to have won the R K Nagar election caused by JJ death. I expect to see the two ADMK factions now to unite for 2019 LS poll," he has tweeted.

He minced no words in criticising the state BJP leadership for the poor show. "A national ruling party gets a quarter of NOTA’s vote. Time for accountability," Dr. Swamy tweeted.

11:30 am: Sources say Mr. Dhinakaran will arrive at Chennai airport later in the day and head to MGR memorial to pay tributes to the former chief minister on his death anniversary. He will then proceed to the counting centre.

Mr. Dhinakaran leads by 11816 votes after the end of fourth round of counting.

11:20 am: Tally at the end of third round

TTV Dhinakaran15868
Naam Thamilar737


11:00 am Tamil Nadu BJP chief Tamilisai Soundararajan has said the counting trends show cash-for-votes was rampant in the byelection. The BJP has pulled a poor show with its party candidate getting votes less than NOTA option.


10:55 am:  Tally at the end of second round

TTV Dhinakaran10421
Naam Thamilar459



AIADMK govt will fall in 3 months: Dhinakaran

10:45 am: TTV Dhinakaran meets the press at Madurai airport and thanks people of R.K. Nagar who voted for him. Thanking the "1.5 crore" workers who facilitated his victory, Mr. Dhinakaran claims that the AIADMK will lose its ruling party status in three months time.

Mr. Dhinakaran claimed his faction was the "true AIADMK" and goes on to say "R.K. Nagar people have chosen Amma's successor." It doesn't matter who has the Two Leaves symbol or the party's name. What matters is the who the 1.5 crore party workers are sided with, he said.

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10:30 am: In the second round, Mr. Dhinakaran leads with 5,081 votes. But Mr. Dhinakaran's supporters object to the data, claiming that the officials were announcing erroneous data.

10:20 am: Third round of counting resumes after the damaged furniture are replaced. 

Police deployed outside Queen Mary's College following the clash between AIADMK and TTV Dhinkaran supporters.

Police deployed outside Queen Mary's College following the clash between AIADMK and TTV Dhinkaran supporters.   | Photo Credit: M. Vedhan


Counting resumes, says EO

9:55 am: District Electoral Officer D. Karthikeyan  says police have restored peace in the counting centre. "Nothing alarming. The compilation of second round is going on," he says.

9:50 am: Officials try to pacify the warring counting agents, but invain. It appears like the AIADMK counting agents are determined to disrupt the counting process. Police and paramilitary forces step inside the counting hall, reports Aloysius Xavier Lopez.

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9:45 am: Meanwhile, Mr. Dhinakaran's supporters have started arriving at his residence. They demand AIADMK should be handed over to Mr. Dhinakaran.



Counting disrupted

A counting agent comes out with a torn shirt after clash erupted at counting centre.

A counting agent comes out with a torn shirt after clash erupted at counting centre.   | Photo Credit: Jothi Ramalingam


9:30 am Supporters of AIADMK and Dhinakaran clash inside counting hall leading to violence. Police forces step in. Counting is paused.  Television channels show police forcibly removing cadres of both sides are counting agents were found damaging furniture.

Counting personnel were prevented from counting by some party agents believed to be from AIADMK. Police forcefully removed them. This included a woman agent as well. 


9:20 am: Tally at the end of first round

TTV Dhinakaran5339
Naam Thamilar258


9:15 am: Unfazed by Mr. Dhinakaran establishing a lead, AIADMK supporters who have gathered outside party office are confident that Mr. Madhusoodhanan will win. "We had seen a similar scene in 1977 and believe Madhusudhanan will win," a cadre tells R. Sujatha.

9:00 am The official figures for the first round is out. TTV Dhinakaran is leading in RK Nagar by-election by 2,906 votes. Madhusoodhanan gets 2,432 votes.

9:00 am Arivalayam, the headquarters of DMK wears a deserted look with very few supporters, reports R. Srikanth


TTV Dhinakaran leads

8:45 am : TTV Dhinakaran is leading in each of the 14 tables of the first round, securing more than 50% of the votes. AIADMK's E. Madhusoodhanan comes second and DMK, a close third.

Supporters of TTV Dhinakaran distribute sweets inside an MTC bus that passes by Queen Mary's College, where votes polled in the R.K. Nagar bypoll is being counted.

Supporters of TTV Dhinakaran distribute sweets inside an MTC bus that passes by Queen Mary's College, where votes polled in the R.K. Nagar bypoll is being counted.   | Photo Credit: M. Vedhan


8:30 am It's AIADMK founder M.G.Ramachandran's death anniversary today. The MGR statue in AIADMK's office is being garlanded by cadres. While the party office is largely empty, leaders and cadres are visiting MGR memorial in Kamaraj Salai.

The counting of votes is happening just a few kilometres away from the MGR memorial.


8:25 am With the first round of voting just ending, sidelined AIADMK leader TTV Dhinakaran, who contested as an independent  appears to be leading, reports Aloysius Xavier Lopez.

Data from across the table is being compiled now.


Lone postal vote goes to DMK

8:15 am Only one postal vote was polled in the constituency and that went to DMK candidate Marudu Ganesh.

Now, EVMs are being opened. Votes polled in 258 polling centers are being counted in 14 tables.


8:00 am  Counting of votes begin. As many as 100 personnel are engaged in the counting process.

Each counting table has one micro observer, a Central government employee.

After the completion of each round, candidate-wise votes will be displayed and a copy is handed over to the candidate's agent.


7:40 am With 59 candidates in the fray, the counting for the byelection to the Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar Assembly constituency is likely to be completed on Sunday afternoon.

The ruling AIADMK, Opposition DMK, the BJP and director-turned-politician Seeman's Naam Thamilar Katchi are in the fray. Sidelined AIADMK leader T.T.V. Dhinakaran, contested as an independent.

The polling percentage in the bypoll settled at 77.5 on Friday, after officials of the Election Commission completed final calculations.

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Counting to begin at 8 am

7:30 am Counting of votes polled in the R.K. Nagar Assembly constituency will begin at 8 am today.

There will be 19 rounds of counting. Postal ballots, if any, will be counted first and then electronic voting machines will be opened for counting. Randomisation of counting personnel will be done early in the morning,” said an official of the Chennai District Election Office.

On Thursday night, the EVMs were brought to the counting centre at Queen Mary’s College. The strong room where the EVMs are kept was sealed.

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