ENT surgery restores man’s hearing ability

After nearly 15 years, a 45-year-old man’s hearing ability was restored after a novel surgery performed by a team of doctors at MGM Healthcare, a city-based super-specialty hospital.

The patient, an auditor by profession, noticed a drop in his hearing ability 15 years ago, and the condition worsened since, despite rehabilitative measures such as use of hearing aids. He had a tough time communicating with others during the pandemic when the use of masks was mandated.

On the novel surgery performed, Sanjeev Mohanty, head of the dpartment, Institute of ENT, Head and Neck Surgery, said a bilateral cochlear implantation surgery was performed, employing the hearing preservation surgical technique with wireless speech process technology.

The challenge was preserving residual hearing, while fortifying the remaining non-functional portion of the nerve of hearing.

According to a release, the combination surgery was among the novel procedures performed in the State.

The patient, who was discharged in two days, will now be able to understand speech better. While the surgery was a success, the team had to face multiple challenges, as the patient had a cardiac ailment and other co-morbidities.

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