At Chennai's Stanley Hospital, a plethora of cosmetic options now available

Expensive cosmetic treatment such as hair transplants and skin lightening is now available at the Government Stanley Medical College Hospital. A separate cosmetology department has been set up at the hospital.

The department will offer a range of both therapeutic and cosmetic treatments. “Therapeutic includes treatment for leucoderma, which is white patches on skin, and psoriasis, increased skin growth,” said G.R. Ratnavel, professor and head of the department.

Leucoderma will be treated with PUVA therapy in which patients are exposed to ultra violent ‘A’ rays in a chamber resulting in pigmentation. Other treatment modalities include punch graft, skin graft and tattooing.

Hair transplants for baldness, mole removal, chemical peeling using acids to rejuvenate the skin and cryo surgery for removal of warts and small tumours using liquid nitrogen will also be available here. He said hair transplants cost Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 70,000 per sitting at various centres but such cosmetic procedures will be now available at Stanley hospital for free.

Botox for removing wrinkles, breast augmentation and arresting sweating on palms and soles and sclerotherapy for curing enlarged veins are among the other services offered.

“We have newer advances too – platelet rich plasma in which we can increase the strength of a platelet by adding calcium chloride for hair growth, non-healing ulcer on skin and scars on the face,” Dr. Ratnavel said. The hospital spent around Rs. 25 lakh towards equipment, while some equipment came through sponsorships¸ he said.

Health minister K.C. Veeramani inaugurated the department along with a liquid oxygen plant at the hospital. Dean S. Geethalakshmi said the plant will cover the building, gastric surgery and gastroenterology departments and will be expanded to the entire hospital later.

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