Art nudges people to wear the mask, take the vaccine

Photo : Jothi Ramalingam B
D. Madhavan Chennai 15 May 2021 12:40 IST
Updated: 15 May 2021 12:40 IST

The Regional Outreach Bureau is turning walls outside railways stations into canvases that promote awareness

The Regional Outreach Bureau (ROB) of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has started making the drab walls at railway stations and bus terminuses in Chennai come alive with colourful messages about COVID-appropriate behaviour.

Compact-sized flex boards that dwell on the benefits of vaccination and mask-wearing are being installed at prominent public places, especially at railway stations.

Over the last few days, the walls at key railway stations, including Central, Egmore and Tambaram railway stations, are crowded with people with masks peering from colourful paintings. There are also images that drive home the need for vaccination.


As suburban train services have been discontinued as part of the lockdown, the focus is now on Chennai Central and Egmore.

“We have plans to extend such awareness campaigns to the district collectorate offices, bus terminuses, post offices and petrol pumps across the state once the lockdown restrictions are eased. Our aim is to encourage more residents to get vaccinated,” says Kamaraj, Joint Director, Regional Outreach Bureau (ROB) for Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Under the initiative, twenty-five railway stations have been shortlisted in the State with a majority of them found in Chennai.

Further, all Metro Rail stations in Chennai will also be painted with colourful messages under the project to reach a maximum number of commuters. Camps will also be held in these railway stations.

Railway officials pointed out that once the suburban services resumed, the initiative would be extended to local railway stations within the city and also on its outskirts.