A new dumping ground for seized vehicles?

The space under the Koyambedu flyover has been taken over for this purpose. The traffic police say it’s only a temporary arrangement but the Highways department does not think so

Koyambedu police have found a convenient space to dump seized vehicles — under the flyover on the congested Jawaharlal Nehru (J.N) Main Road across the Cooum river.

For more than a month, seized vehicles dumped at the open have been left to rust. Police sources said they do not have sufficient recovery vehicles to shift the seized two-wheelers to the police station, so it is kept under the flyover.

There are other reasons for leaving the seized vehicles in the open.

The Koyambedu police station is located opposite the Koyambedu wholesale market and to the rear entrance of the CMBT. The cramped police station does not have adequate space to store seized vehicles. As per norms, the seized vehicles are termed as court property once cases are registered on the owners of these vehicles on various charges including fake vehicle documents, vehicle insurance and renewal of licenses. Until such cases are disposed, seized vehicles should be in the custody of respective police stations.

“Koyambedu police station is already packed with seized vehicles. So, where is space to keep additional vehicles, that’s why we have taken the space under the flyover,” police sources said.

Along with the J.N. Main Road, the Koyambedu flyover including the space beneath the flyover is maintained by the State Highways. Some residents feel dumping of vehicles on a portion of the space beneath the flyover will become a permanent feature, making it difficult for authorities to take up beautification work at the open space.

However, police said it is only a stop gap measure before these vehicles are moved to the police station premises. However, State Highways officials said that police will relent to relocate these vehicles to the police station premises later. More importantly, no official permission by the department has been given to the police to dump seized vehicles beneath the flyover. Most of the seized vehicles are two-wheelers that does not have valid documents. “Steps will be taken to relocate these seized vehicles to the Koyambedu police station soon,” police sources said.

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