When The Hindu flew in to Bengaluru

The Hindu acquired its own fleet of aeroplanes in September 1963 for delivering copies of the paper to itsfar-flung readers in various destinations in Mysore State and the districts of Coimbatore, Madurai, Ramnad, Tirunelveli, Tiruchi and Tanjore.

The readers in these places can expect to get their copies of the paper at about the same time as the reader in Madras city. The Hindu's use of its own aircraft for distribution of the newspaper, was a first for the industry in India. Then in 1970, The Hindu began a Bangalore edition.

Click here to see the front page of the first edition of The Hindu published from Bengaluru.

One of "The Hindu" Herons at Meenambakkam airport. Photo: The Hindu Archives
Parcels of "The Hindu" being loaded into a Heron. Photo: The Hindu Archives
Mr. G. Narasimhan and Mr. G. Kasturi supervising the operations of The Hindu Heron aircraft at the Meenambakkam airport. Photo: The Hindu Archives
Staff members of "The Hindu" who had gathered at the Meenambakkam airport to witness the inauguration of the Heron flight from Madras to important South Indian centres on Sunday morning (29/09/1963). One of "The Hindu" Herons about to take off is in the background. Photo: The Hindu Archives
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