Signage to enhance experience of visiting Cubbon Park

The 195-acre Cubbon Park is home to some of the most important buildings, historic structures, artworks and rich bio-diversity. It is also the most vibrant of public spaces in the city and a hotspot for events. To enhance the experience of visiting this lung space, Sensing Local, a group of city-based architects, urbanists and technologists, is in the process of putting up information boards and navigation signage at various spots inside the park.

The project – Way Finding – aims to create a system of signage to make navigation easy, provide information about the park, and connect it to cultural assets around.

“The boards, apart from telling visitors where what is, will also have information about trees, details of landmarks and statues, information about public events and park facilities such as benches, the food court and toilets,” Ankit Bhargava, co-founder, Sensing Local, said.

Supported by the Horticulture and State Tourism Departments, the signage will be up from next month. “To begin with, we will start with large boards at the seven gates of Cubbon Park and around 54 boards will be put up across the park,” he said.

In the second phase, the group also plans to incorporate Braille signage, maps and tactile paving to help the visually-impaired.

Stating that such information boards are much needed for a place as vast as Cubbon Park, Mahantesh Murgod, Deputy Director, Cubbon Park, said, “Visitors can get a complete guide of places to see inside Cubbon Park and also around the park now.”

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