Schools in Bengaluru urging children to write with both hands

Schools have designed several activities to encourage the use of both hands.   | Photo Credit: M_Periasamy

Several schools in the city are encouraging students to use both their hands while writing, playing sports and or when participating in extracurricular activities. Teachers say that it will help stimulate a child’s motor skills and brain development.

The schools have designed several activities for this purpose. In one, for instance, students have to keep one hand behind and eat with a fork. Or, they are asked to build blocks, play sports and draw with both, their left and right hand.

D. Shashi Kumar, General Secretary of the Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka, said that students who are right-handed are encouraged to use their left hand to write in a practice notebook. “The purpose is not to ensure that they can write well with both hands, but to make sure that they pick up the ability to move their hands in a predetermined way,” he said.

Mansoor Ali Khan, member, board of management, Delhi Public Group of Schools, said that encouraging children to use both hands is crucial as it helps improve hand-eye coordination as well as hand and brain coordination. “It makes students more attentive as well. However, while we use this extensively in sports and extracurricular activities, we go easy when it comes to writing skills,” he said.

While experts approve of this trend, they say that this may not necessarily have a direct connection in improving cognitive abilities of a child.

K. John Vijay Sagar, professor in the department of child and adolescent psychiatry at National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, said that using both hands would help improve motor skills and stimulate all areas of the brain. “However, this does not mean writing with the right hand will stimulate the left part of the brain only. Recent research shows that various areas of the brain are interconnected,” he said.

He added that while children should be encouraged to perform activities with both hands, school teachers and parents should not force them to get the same level of dexterity in both hands.

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