On-demand cab services may delay purchase of 2 lakh first cars in city: study

Graphic: Sebastian

Graphic: Sebastian  

Instead of buying a car and breaking your head over paying monthly instalments and parking space, does it make sense to travel by the on-demand cabs, sit back and relax as you are driven to your destination?

A survey of how shared mobility has changed commute patterns in Bengaluru, conducted by World Resources Institute India, Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities, has found that on-demand cab services have the potential to delay over two lakh people from buying their first car.

Over 30,000 cabs in the city making over four trips a day on an average have replaced over 51,000 cars on the road, thereby reducing traffic congestion to that extent, the report claims.

The survey that was conducted in a cross-section of workplaces has found that more than half of the users of on-demand cab services in the city are aged between 25 and 35. This segment makes up around 30 per cent of the city’s population. The study has also found that travelling by cabs and shared mobility can save 28 per cent of spending on transport compared to owning a personal car.

Pawan Mulukutla, manager (transport), WRI India, who spearheaded the survey, said it was the same age group with high disposable income (more than Rs. 10 lakh a year) that had the potential to buy their first car. “The on-demand cab services and other alternative transport facilities emerging have the potential to delay the purchase of the first car,” he said.

Survey and study of on-demand cabs

People using cabs regularly

Less than 25 years: 19 per cent

Between 25 and 35 years: 58 per cent

Segment of population in the age group 25 and 35: 30 per cent

Segment of this group with income more than Rs. 10 lakh: 20 per cent

People without their first car: 44 per cent

Potential number of people for delay in buying firs car: 2,25,291


Over 30,000 cabs in the city

* Have replaced 51,324 cars on road

* Parking space/car: 135 sq. ft

* Parking space saved: 159 acres

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