Sanitation a far cry in Kobbarithota

Despite being one of the oldest localities in the city, Kobbarithota area is plagued by congested lanes, poor sanitation and health issues. Law and order problems give nightmare to the residents. The area is located in ward 34 (earlier 29) and is under Zone IV of the GVMC.

A few years ago, locals used to complain about lack of toilets and open defecation. But, thanks to Swachh Bharat initiative, several community toilets are constructed and almost all residents of the area have toilets in their houses.

However, sanitation needs to be improved in the area. Overflowing drains and garbage dumped across streets are a common sight in the locality. “Many dump their household wastes in drains and they overflow when it rains. Dogs freely roam in the colonies,” said a resident.

K. Subbarao, an auto-driver from the locality, alleged that a number of people were falling sick due to seasonal diseases. Common among the seasonal diseases are malaria and dengue cases he said.

Poorna, a youth from Kobbarithota, said that they have been living in the locality since many years. “Several leaders from various political parties approach us for votes and they have promised to provide pucca houses at some other location. But so far it has remained a dream,” he said.

“The area is very congested. Some people cannot even park their vehicles before their houses. Electric wires just hang over our heads. Apart from all these, air pollution haunts us,” he said.

Crime rate

Due to close proximity of houses, a large number of COVID cases reported in the area. “A number of people were affected with the coronavirus and many have died,” locals recall.

What makes Kobbarithota different from other localities is the crime. Many youth and men from this locality were arrested by the police in several cases. The police had conducted cordon and search operations several times in the area. During the cordon and search operation conducted in September 2019, several suspects were detained. “Due to lack of proper parental guidance, a number of youth from this locality addicted to ganja and other vices. To meet their expenses, they take to crime. Despite action, many still continue to involve in offences,” said A. Suresh, a mechanic (name changed). He said that officials should conduct counselling for the youth in the locality.

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