Parapet wall of children's park at RK beach partially collapses

Special Correspondent VISAKHAPATNAM 05 December 2021 17:18 IST
Updated: 05 December 2021 17:18 IST

Sand erosion, caused by tidal waves due to cyclone Jawad, is believed to be the reason behind the collapse

The parapet wall of the children's park at RK Beach collapsed partially and the soil developed big cracks along the wall. The partial collapse of the wall, that occurred during the early hours of Sunday, is believed to be due to sand erosion.

The lawn and walking track in the park have also developed cracks and a few cement benches in the park suffered damage. The police cordoned off the park and service road adjacent to the main Beach Road by erecting barricades to prevent the movement of visitors and tourists in view of the danger.

The park is located right on the beach at a height of about 10-foot from the sand. The erosion is said to have been caused by tidal waves due to cyclone Jawad.


“Sand erosion is common during this season. But this particular event is associated with the tidal action due to the cyclonic weather. During this season, one side sand erosion takes place and at some other place, sand deposition takes place. When erosion took place near the Kursura Submarine Museum during the International Fleet Review (IFR), deposition had occurred near Rushikonda,” G.P.S. Murty, Chief Scientist and Scientist-in-Charge of National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Visakhapatnam, told The Hindu.

“This kind of activity is common during this season and there is no cause for worry. It remains to be seen where sand deposition has occurred,” Mr. Murty added.