Terrace gardeners to spread green message

Terrace farming is growing at a fast pace, especially in metros, says Rambabu Karri, a Visakhapatnam-based organic farming expert.Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar  

Application of chemicals in the form of fertilizers and pesticides leads to sediments in the harvested produce because the application (the dosage, the method, duration etc) itself is done in a faulty manner, said Karri Rambabu, organic farming expert from Visakhapatnam.

Addressing a workshop on terrace organic farmers in the city on Sunday, Mr. Rambabu, a native of Polavaram, said he was engaged in a profession of agricultural chemical supplies and consultancy/advice in Visakhapatnam. In the course of his work, he realised how the lack of knowledge among farmers in rural and remote parts of India about the art and science of applying chemical-based fertilizers was creating havoc in the quality of food that is produced in their field.

This farm produce reached the markets for consumption by the common people. Gradually, he started learning and disseminating knowledge about natural and organic farming and it has been 10 years now. The participants included gardening enthusiasts from Guntur and Visakhapatnam besides Vijayawada and its vicinity.

Surendranath Majety, the guiding force behind the workshop, said the workshop would deal with fundamental aspects of farming on terraces and roofs of buildings without using chemicals and growing vegetables sufficient for a medium size family.

“One should have safe and chemical-free vegetables at affordable cost on one’s plate. Terrace farming is growing at a fast pace, especially in metros, with people realising the importance of organic products and also putting to use vacant space in their houses for productive and healthy purposes,” he said.

Swati Sanyal Tarafdar, writer and freelance journalist, was the convener of the meet. She emphasised the need to adopt a positive activity like terrace organic gardening “for our own physical, mental, and emotional well being.”

Organic farmer from city K.S. Rao, panchakavya expert Prasad, agriculturist Madhusudhan Rao, paediatrician Nori Suryanarayana, gynaecologist N. Anuradha, Principal of Siddhartha Women’s College Visala, who are also terrace gardeners, participated.

The workshop demonstrated the various techniques gardeners should know and understand to prepare the soil for cultivation, to compost waste and prepare manure, to sow the seeds and help them to germinate, to transplant the saplings from the germination trays to individual pots, and all about mulching, and plant care.

Encouraged by good response, the organisers decided to create a group of Vijayawada Terrace Gardeners and continue to strive and spread the goodness of gardening and natural living in the fast moving city of Vijayawada.

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