Poorly maintained public parks greet visitors

Authorities are beautifying city roads with aesthetic green cover to please the visitors but the major public parks which are supposed to provide relief and entertainment for the masses are utterly neglected.

People visiting the parks in summer are greatly disappointed at the sight of the poorly maintained parks. The Rajiv Gandhi Park near PNBS, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Raghavaiah Park on M.G. Road, Dr. K.L. Rao Park in K.L. Rao Nagar and Gora Park in Gandhinagar are some of the major parks for the people to visit and beat the heat. But unfortunately, the ambience in these parks is pathetic and poor maintenance is keeping many people to look elsewhere for relief.

“From outside Raghavaiah Park seems to be the cleanest one but when I entered I realised it is badly maintained,” M. Murthy, a father who came to the park with his 10-year-old son said. The trappings installed for children are in poor shape and the expansion of NH in Krishna Lanka is worsening the park’s condition.

“Greenery is rarely seen in these parks. They have become a haven for lovelorn couples causing inconvenience to others. Poor maintenance is causing a dent in the city’s image”, says S. Kranthi, a visitor to the Rajiv Gandhi Park with his friends.

While the appurtenances remain useless, the rooms used to host mini zoo and aquarium in the Rajiv Gandhi Park have been demolished. Worst is the collection of extra fare for vehicles by contractors at the parking bay. More than 500 people visit the park a day, according to park representatives.

However, the recently installed mini ‘giant wheel’ and skating rinks are major attractions to kids.

The K.L. Rao Park, the only park which has a boating canal, faces a similar situation of bad maintenance. When contacted, Assistant Director (Horticulture), VMC G.P. Anand said that the Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd (HUDCO) has extended funds for the development of the Rajiv Gandhi Park. “Raj Expedites, which created the park, has been entrusted to develop it and the works are on. Efforts are on to revive boating at K.L. Rao Park and canal repair works would be taken up soon,” he said.

Mr. Anand further said that the Raghavaiah Park would have to lose some space due to road expansion and development works would be carried out later.

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